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A debate should tell the audience what they need to know and not just what the speakers think. If you feel the same way, then we want to meet you.

Debating London is the year-round series of free public debate series held twice a month at the Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall. The series is run by the Great Debaters Club, a social enterprise that helps its members to advance their personal and professional development by teaching them how to debate.

All of our speakers are club members who have agreed to defend a particular perspective the audience need to hear, rather than just share their own personal opinion. After presenting the point of view assigned to them, the audience are then given the floor to cross-examine them and share their own position.

The only time we hear what the speakers really think is at the end of the debate when they tell us where they really stand and whether this changed at all while learning how to defend the perspective assigned to them.

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Public Discourse - "Debate on Trial."

Conway Hall

Today we live in difficult times where tensions and animosity have increased. Brexit and other major issues have caused divisions not seen for decades. Is part of the reason that we have an adversarial system of public discourse that favours debate over dialogue and thus encourages conflict rather than consensus? This meeting will look at whether debate has any value in our present society or whether there are other ways of engaging with each other that are more constructive. What we plan to do is put “debate” on trial. GlobalNet21, The Great Debaters Club and Conway Hall Ethical Society would welcome you joining us in this examination of how we converse with each other in public life. We hope to have an advocate for debate and another for alternative forms of dialogue with key witnesses on each side. And you the audience will be the Jury. Details of those involved will appear soon on all involved

Dinner and debate social

Wedge Issue Pizza + Beer

Join us for a very special dinner and debate social as the Great Debaters Club, host of the Debating London series, celebrates turning 10 years old. The club held its very first public debate on Wednesday 15th April 2009 - on whether bankers deserved to take the blame for the financial crisis - with a grand total of 7 people attending, four of whom were the speakers. Today, the GDC has an average of 50 people turning up to each debate, a year round training programme with over 100 members, and a wider network of 7,000 followers on our mailing list and social media channels. Yet, by far one of our favourite things about running this club, has been seeing people who might not have otherwise met sitting round a table over some food and drink after a training workshop to enjoy each other's company and make an honest effort to understand each other's way of seeing the world. So, what better way to celebrate a landmark moment for the club than to get as many of you as possible round that table? There will probably be a speech or two, and perhaps a couple of games, and maybe even an after-party for the hardcore amongst you, but as long as we have people, food, and drink (and a table), it will no doubt be a memorable night and a great way to kick off the next 10 years. No capacity limits - we can take over the entire restaurant if we have enough people - so feel free to bring friends and partners with you. The event is free to attend but guests must buy their own food and drink.

Parliament & The Changing Role Of Women In British Politics

Join us in this meeting hosted by Rachel Reeves MP on "The Changing Role Of Women In British Politics." Rachel is a British economist and Labour Party politician. She has served as the Member of Parliament for Leeds West since 2010. She was Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions from 2013. Rachel is also the chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee This is one of several meetings we have held celebrating the role of women in politics. Women play an increasingly important role in politics and in the House of Commons. Rachel Reeves MP has written a book called “Women of Westminster” that was published on International Women's Day. Without the pioneers throughout the decades that she celebrates – Eleanor Rathbone campaigning for family allowances, Barbara Castle fighting for equal pay for women, and Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell pushing for better childcare provision – there would have been much slower progress. Women of Westminster includes female MPs beyond the most famous, those who have been largely forgotten in a political history written by men In the past 100 years a total of 489 women have being elected to Parliament. Yet it was not until 2015 that the total number of women ever elected surpassed the number of male MPs in a single parliament. Tot get the number of women as our representatives in Parliament has been a long struggle and Rachel Reeves’s will talk about this and the key people in her book as well as what more needs to be done. We will also have a speaker from the 50 50 Campaign that has fought hard to achieve equality of representation in Parliament. Their founder Fran Scott has spoken at one of our meetings before and she or one of her team will join us on the platform. We hope to have one other speaker and will post this as soon as we know.

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This deal has huge implications for all of us, but is getting no public attention , at least officially. Is being kept effectively secret. let's shine some light on it

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