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The ORGANIZING MASTERMIND provides peer support and inspiration under the guidance and expertise of me, a former clutterer turned Organizing Coach. Who better understands a clutterer than another clutterer?

Getting organized, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, and just knowing where to start is hard to do on your own!

When you’re stuck, having a judgement-free group that provides accountability and motivation is just what you need!

It may seem like clutter clearing is just about the ability to get rid of your “stuff.” But it’s more than that! It’s about the habits, mindset, and emotions that are involved in letting go of your beloved possessions that keep you stuck.

How the group works:

Step 1: Victory share of your action step (clutter clearing you did the week before)
Step 2: Group discussion of an underlying reason for clutter & solutions to overcome it
Step 3: Action step share – Here’s where the accountability comes into play! Your action step is an area in your home that will be decluttered before the next group.

Saying your action step out loud to the group improves the likelihood of it being completed. Left to your own druthers, you are more likely to blow it off, but you don’t want to let the group down so you follow through on your commitment! An email containing your action step will be sent as a reminder a couple of days before the group reconvenes.

This group is for those who:

~ Want accountability to help with follow through to meet their goals

~ Have difficulty in prioritizing and don’t know where to start

~ Need support to stay focused on the decluttering/organizing process

~ Are embarrassed by the state of their home and know they need help

Join today and be empowered to make a real change in your life! And most of all learn that you are not alone in your clutter habit! There are other like-minded people who understand that living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) is not a way to live and who truly want to become clutter-free to live a simplified and joyful life!

The Organizing Mastermind meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 1:00-2:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Cost is only $20. First Meetup is FREE to new participants!

Check out my website at: www.letcluttergo.com (https://www.letcluttergo.com/)

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