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What we’re about


Update 11/2019 - a great intro into the sport using DonkeyCar (Credit Ed Murphy)

We are a group of Silicon Valley Deep Learning wizards, noobies, & hardware hackers, exploring and pushing the emerging autonomous robot/vehicle phenomenon, closer to reality - one hack at-a-time...

Home based in Palo Alto, CA  for this meetup, but in collaboration with the DonkeyCar project, and the Oakland-based DIYRobocars movement, we aim to optimize towards performance and cost in a unique way.

DeepRacing like most small-scale robocar groups are riding the wave of innovation that is enabling the autonomous vehicle transformation but at the lower cost 1/10th-1/16th scale  (i.e. using hacked remote control cars).  This can be amazing fun, and very enlightening for those wanting to dive into 'hands-on' machine vision, machine learning, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, and in general *robotics*.

If you are eager to dive in and start coding ***BRING YOUR LAPTOPS***, even if you don't have a vehicle -especially if you are a coder that is curious.  There is much to go through, and we even have a loaner car, to work on in groups.  There is also a donkey simulator, that is an awesome 'hello world/intro' into the world of sim-to-real model building, so again ***BRING YOUR LAPTOPS!***.

DonkeyCar Rpi <> DonkeyCar NANO conversions ;  Jetson NANO - Jetracer

Many of us have built a few Donkey Car variants, and looking for more control over the vision stack and in general the data acquisition & processing stack, maybe even daring to tweak the inferencing-engine happening on-hardware?

Luckily we have an answer to that in the NVIDIA NANO and Google CORAL single board computers that have recently come out.  Many have acquired and started on the former, but looking for the latter(CORAL) as well.  I think we can all learn tremendously from the new platforms, and welcome all that are building, to show up with their hardware and simply 'hack with us'.

Inspired by:

(Donkeycar Project Rpi/NANO) 



(MIT Self-Driving 1/10 scale racing competition)

(The NXP Cup)

Google Slides - Welcome to DeepRacing & Links

Speaking of radical participation - please fill out this questionnaire before attending our first meetup!

Lastly, please take our DEEP RACING - BUILD SURVEY!