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DR@TheShop.Build - Bi-monthly Race/Hack/Build Event for Mini-Autonomous Vehicles
DeepRacing - Hosted at TheShop.Build. Please visit the website and familiarize yourself with this awesome maker space. If you were familiar with the old 'TechShop', you will understand how powerful a place this is to 'build nearly anything'. It is not free usually, but they are kind enough to allow us as guests in a paid environment - some rules: *** Thank you for your attention to the below details. *** 1. Please sign and fill out a safety waiver - EVERYONE PLEASE. 2. Please don't touch ANY of the machines, under any circumstances unless accompanied or approved by a 'TheShop.Build' employee. 3. In efforts to create a fun and safe, collaborative environment - we are requesting that we find a 'silly and borderline ridiculous' hat to set ourselves apart and identify us as DeepRacing Participants. Example: A Dr. Seuss 'Cat in the Hat' hat. Not enforced until we test the track and deem TheShop as our new home, but bring them if you got them! *** Thank you for your attention to the above details. *** Deep Racing Event Description - ~ Intro to the "hello world" of mini-autonomous vehicles in general, explore new sensor fusion techniques, using neural nets from behavioral cloning to reinforcement learning in robotics. Explore computer vision and hardware hacks as well. Check out some photos from past events: Before coming, please read through the DonkeyCar project - ~ Following closely the ( build as a start, discussing modifications, and exploring how to jump off towards real-world autonomous vehicle innovation. #DeepRacing N.B. - Still looking for a permanent home if you know anything in the SouthBay. Per usual - any questions or suggestions - please email: [masked]

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We are a group of Silicon Valley Deep Learning wizards, noobies, & hardware hackers, exploring and pushing the emerging autonomous robot/vehicle phenomenon, closer to reality - one hack at-a-time...

Home based in Palo Alto, CA for this meetup, but in collaboration with the DonkeyCar project, and the Oakland-based DIYRobocars movement, we aim to optimize towards performance and cost in a unique way.

DeepRacing like most small-scale robocar groups are riding the wave of innovation that is enabling the autonomous vehicle transformation but at the lower cost 1/10th-1/16th scale (i.e. using hacked remote control cars). This can be amazing fun, and very enlightening for those wanting to dive into 'hands-on' machine vision, machine learning, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, and in general *robotics*.

Inspired by:

(Donkeycar Project) (

(DIY Robocars) (

(MIT Self-Driving 1/10 scale racing competition ( (

(The NXP Cup) (

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Lastly, please take our DEEP RACING - BUILD SURVEY (!

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