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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." – Edmund Burke

The best way to stop the spread of lies, fear, and intolerance is through the power of good ideas. We must show our nation a compelling alternative to Donald Trump and bring Americans together again. Join us in developing new, innovative solutions to our most intractable problems:

• What can we do to create jobs for Americans when increased automation is set to displace record numbers of workers?
• How can we offer healthcare to every American in a way that lowers costs and increases the quality of medical care?
• How can we counter the surge of fake news and lies that are undermining our democracy?
• Is there a way for the world to address climate change before it's too late?
• What steps can we take to defend the United States against the cyberattacks by Russia and other hostile countries?
• Can we curb the growing national debt before it triggers inflation that spirals out of control?
• Is there a way to counter the wave of Fascism on the rise in America and around the world?
• What can we do to stop banks from gambling with our money before we wind up with another 2008 financial crisis?
• What is a rational, even-handed way to deal with immigration?
• How can we bring Americans together under a common set of goals and principles?

Our Platform takes on these and many other critical issues that our nation faces. Only by addressing the underlying conditions that have divided Americans can we move forward again.

It's our democracy. If we don't take action, nobody will. Join the fight, and let's set America on the right path.

Steve Hoffman

Founder of Defend Your Democracy

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