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Dev Meetup by Digidentity

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On February 7th Digidentity opens its doors for an evening of fun and interesting talks. It'll take place next to Den Haag Holland Spoor train station.


• 18:00 Doors open

• 18:30 Food is served

• 19:00 Opening presentation

• 19:15 Pascal Van Hecke - Co-Founder @ Token Engineers Digital Identity, Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Blockchain and Smart Contracts seem to be the latest hype. Pascal Van Hecke will try to demystify what it is all about and discuss the link of Digital Identity and Blockchain. Most of the talk will focus on the Ethereum ecosystem, however the concepts are applicable to competing technologies.

• 20 :00 Drinks and snacks

• 20:30 Jan van der Pas - Backend Developer @Digidentity
Using JWT for our Rails API's: How we're using JWT (JSON Web Token) to secure and scope our API's.

• 21:15 General discussion, drinks and snacks

• 22:00 Lights out and doors closed

Location: Waldorpstraat 17p on 7th floor, 2521 CA Den Haag (Urban Offices) Parking is possible near the entrance or at the Q-park.

Please make sure you bring some form of identification with you (passport, drivers license)
Waldorpstraat 17p · 's-Gravenhage
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