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What we’re about

Are you tired of living Paycheck to Paycheck? Need a new way to create Cash Flow? Are you ready to: -Take control of your personal finances -Manage the cash flow activities necessary to build a business -Invest with greater confidence in real estate and other businesses -Stop making your boss richer -Stop sacrificing your well being Come join us for a fun filled GAME day as we focus on escaping the rat race and transforming our Finances through money management and strategic investments through a revolutionary board game known as "CASHFLOW 101". We wanted a group of like minded people to connect with and support furthering our education in financial literacy while we help others. I have been playing Cash Flow for years! This board game teaches people how to build wealth through asset generating ventures and was launched by Robert Kiyosaki as a simulation companion to his best selling book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Come Join Us we look forward to meeting you!