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Queer and Veg Night (February)

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Queer and Veg Night (February)


Veg/ans who are in the LGBT+ community please come through! This is the third Queer and Veg Edgewater Public Market Meetup.
We will grab a table or two, chat, eat, drink, and find community. Gladys and Meta Burger are two fully vegan eateries, plus other cafes have vegan options. There’s free parking on site, a bar, and other shops. I’ll put “Denver Vegan” signs on the tables and I will write a description of where we are sitting when I get there. This is food court seating so drop in whenever

You can message me privately if you’re nervous to go or have questions ok anxiety fam I GOT YOU

Denver Vegans
Denver Vegans
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5505 W 20th Ave Edgewater · Edgewater, CO