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Today is Sept 18, 2020 and we currently have a voice call meeting every Tuesday at 7 PM at https://discord.gg/KFmSU2u

We are also available 24/365 on https://discord.gg/KFmSU2u for loneliness support chat or any reason chat.

Depressed Anonymous is a Twelve Step Recovery Group that is based directly upon the model of Alcoholics Anonymous but is specifically designed for recovery from depression and depression-related maladies.

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At these meetings, only depressed persons may share. These meetings are open to support persons and such, but they must hold all comments until after the meeting.

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v 1) To let the depressed person know that she or he is not alone in his or her struggle with depression. We also help others learn to do pleasant activities again.

v 2) To provide a group where members can help one another and learn new skills in taking mastery over their lives and begin to live again with hope and joy.
v 3) To help each member feel better about themselves -- today. One day at a time!
v 4) To educate the depressed person and his or her family about the nature and causes of depression and remove the SHAME of their feeling depressed. It's OK to admit that we are feeling overwhelmed.

http://depressedanon.com is the web site of DA worldwide.

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