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GPT Explored: Attention, Adoption, and Advancements

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Derby Developers is back again for another spring edition!

We have the fantastic group engineering manager at, Kojo Hinson, Delivering a talk on the ever topical Chat GPT.

Topics that the talk will cover:
- Transformer architecture basics (ML)
- Attention mechanism basics (ML)
- Evolution of GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4
- Use cases and adoption ecosystem for GPT today
- Open source vs Close source
- Hardware / training requirements
- Demo of actual use cases
- Frameworks and running LLMs in production
- Common problems and pitfalls
- Future bets and predictions for Large language models

Wednesday, 31st May - 6:30pm

The QUAD, Derby - DE1 3AS

Its going to be a great night!

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Derby Developers
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