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 Welcome to Network of Indians in America - DesiAmerica Virtual Meetup which connects you with fellow Indians living in the USA.  During this COVID19 Pandemic, Network of Indians in America Meetup Group organizes various Virtual Meetup events.  Our Normal Physical Meetup events include but not limited to  Meetups in Parks, Beaches, Theme parks, Dance Parties, Potluck, Hiking, Camping, Cruise Parties, Indian Festivals, Cultural Performance and many more fun events. Network of Indians in America- Desi America Virtual Meetup is exclusively for Indians, Indian Americans and Indian origin Americans living across the USA. While we are away from home, and live in a foreign land, lets connect with fellow Indians, Indian Americans, meet them by attending some meetup events, mutually help them and expand our friends circle.  During this COVID19 Pandemic, lets connect virtually. 


Network of Indians in America connects Indians via more than 700 WhatsApp Groups. We  have groups to connect Indians, and Indian origin Indian Americans, living in the US across many states, and cities. We have a Special interest and focused Groups for all kinds of interest and populations. 

We welcome you to join our Whatsapp Groups by sending a message via whatsapp to phone # 973-692-5232 

Following are few of our active whatsapp groups connecting Indians living in the USA. We connect Indians living in most of the states and cities across the US via our active Whatsapp Groups. 


1.  Indians in New Jersey & New York

2.  Indians in New York City s

3.  Indians in Long island and Queens

4.  Indians in Upstate New York

5.  Indians in Jersey City, NJ

6.  Indians in North New Jersey

7.  Indians in South Jersey

8.  Indians in Hackensack, NJ

9.  Indians in Edison, NJ

10.  Indians in Central New Jersey

11.  Indians in Princeton, NJ

12.  Indians in Parsippany, NJ

13.  Indians in Wayne, NJ

14.  Indians in Philly & PA

15.  Indians in Pittsburg, PA

16.  Indians in Connecticut

17.  Indians in Roadisland

18.  Indians in Newhampshire

19.  Indians in Boston, & MA

20.  Indians in Ohio

21.  Indians in Alabama

22.  Indians in Arkansas

23.  Indians in Delaware

24.  Indians in Maryland

25.  Indians in DC

26.  Indians in Virginia

27.  Indians in Charlotte & NC

28.  Indians in Atlanta & Georgia

29.  Indians in Florida

30.  Indians in New Hampshire

31.  Indians in Kansas City, Kansas

32.  Indians in Tennessee

33.  Indians in Minneapolis, Minnesota  

34.  Indians in Chicago, IL

35.  Indians in Minnesota

36.  Indians in Texas

37.  Indians in Arizona

38.  Indians in Vegas, Nevada

39.  Indians in California

40.  Indians in Oregon

41.  Indians in Seattle, WA

42.  Indians in Colorado

43.  Indians in Utah

44.  Indians in Iowa

45.  Indians in Louisiana

46.  Indians in Michigan

47.  Indians in Arkansas

48.  Indians in & to Canada

49.  Indians to USA Gateway


50.  Desi Girls Club

51.  Desi Moms Club

52.  Desi Single Ladies Club

53.  Desi Expectant Mothers’ Club


54.  Desi Boyz Club

55.  Desi Senior Parents Club

56.  Desi Singles Club

57.  Desi Divorcee Club

58.  Desi School Parents Club

59.  Desi New Born Parents Club

60.  Desi LGBT Club

61.  Singles Below 30 years Club

62.  40+ Singles ready to mingle Club

63.  40+ Married Friends Club

64.  Desi Couples Club

65.  Kids Play Date Club

66.  Special Children’s Club

67.  Indian Students Club

68.  Desi House wives Club

69.  Desi Dads Club

70.  Dependent Visa Holders Club

71.  Desi School Parents Club

72.  Differently Abled Club



73.  IT Jobs Club

74.  Non IT Jobs Club

75.  Full Time Jobs Club

76.  Corp2Corp Jobs Club

77.  OPT & CPT Jobs Club

78.  Employee Referral Jobs Club

79.  Anytime Part time jobs Club

80.  Restaurant Jobs Club

81.  Baby Sitting & Nany Jobs Club

82.  Traveling Jobs Club

83.  Non Profit Jobs Club

84.  International Jobs Club

85.  Healthcare Jobs Club

86.  Finance & Accounting Jobs Club

87.  Jobs Interview Club

88.  Jobs in India Club

89.  Online & Remote Jobs Club


90.  Room Mates & Apartments Club

91.  Roommates in New York

92.  Roommates in Jersey City NJ

93.  Roommates and Apartments in Central Jersey

94.  Roommates & Apartments in Boston, MA

95.  Roommates & Apartments in Philly & PA

96.  Roommates & Apartments in Texas

97.  Roommates & Apartments in Connecticut

98.  Roommates & Apartments in California

99.  Female Roommates

100.  Home Buyers Club

101.  Home Repair & Fixing Club

102.  Realtors Club

103.  Vastu Sasthra Club


104.  Desi Movies Club

105.  Music Club

106.  Music Listeners Club

107.  Karaoke Singers Club

108.  Tamil Karaoke Singers Club

109.  Antakshari Club

110.  Dance Club

111.  Desi Night Lifers Club

112.  Desi Dating Club

113.  Desi Meetup & Events Club

114.  Games & Activities Club

115.  Tennis Club

116.  Cricket Club

117.  Meetup and Events Club

118.  Tamil Movies Club

119.  Telugu Movies Club

120.  Fun Forwards Club

121.  Desi Laughter Club

122.  21+ Adults Club

123.  Desi Naughty Club

124.  Brain Games & Puzzles Club


125.  .Net Pro Club

126.  Big Data Pro Club

127.  DevOps Pro Club

128.  Testing QA Pro Club

129.  Software Developers Pro Club

130.  Techie Geeks Pro Cllub

131.  Mechanical Pro Club

132.  Cognos Pro Club

133.  Manufacturing Pro Club

134.  Java Pro Club

135.  Web Developers Pro Club

136.  C++ Pro Club

137.  Unix Pro Club

138.  SAP ERP Pro Club

139.  Angular JS Pro Club

140.  Database Admin Pro Club

141.  Web Design Pro Club

142.  Business Analyst Pro Club

143.  Salesforce Pro Club

144.  Informatica Pro Club

145.  IT Networking Pro Club

146.  Certification Pro Club

147.  Skills & Training Pro Club

148.  Finance Professional Club

149.  Mechanical Pro Club

150.  Manufacturing Pro Club

151.  Architect & Construction Pro Club

152.  Electrical & Electronic Pro Club

153.  Healthcare Professional Club

154.  Mentors Club

155.  Desi Freelancers Club

156.  Start up & Entrepreneurs Club

157.  Business Owners Club

158.  Film Distributors Club

159.  Photography Club

160.  Skills & Training Club

161.  Tech Support Club

162.  Certification Pro Club


163.  GRE Study Club

164.  GMAT Study Club

165.  Higher Study in the USA Club

166.  CBAP-BA Study Club

167.  MBA Club

168.  PMP Study Club

169.  TOEFL & IELTS Study Club

170.  Indian Students in the USA Club

171.  OPT & CPT Club

172.   International Students Club 


173.  H1B Visa Club

174.  Visa & Immigration Club

175.  Dependent Visa Club

176.  Indians to Canada Club

177.  USA Returnees Club

178.  H4 EAD Club

179.  New H1B Seekers Club

180.  Global Immigration Club


181.  CTS Onsite Club

182.  TCS Onsite Club

183.  Tech Mahindra Onsite Club

184.  US Tech Onsite Club

185.  Infosys Onsite Club

186.  IBM Onsite Club

187.  L&T Onsite Club

188.  Capegemini Onsite Club

189.  HCL Onsite Club

190.  Accenture Onsite Club

191.  Wipro Onsite Club


192.  Stocks, Trading & Wealth Management Club

193.  Crypto Currency Club

194.  Desi Bikers Club

195.  Desi Auto Club

196.  Desi Gardening Club

197.  Desi Forwards Club

198.  Sell, Buy & Trade Club

199.  Ladies Buy & Sell Club

200.  Kids Buy & Sell Club

201.  Travel Helpers Club

202.  Desi Laughter Club

203.  21+ Adults Club

204.  Desi Naughty Chat Club

205.  Tax Club

206.  Weather Watch Club

207.  PATH Riders Club

208.  Reading Club

209.  Books Club

210.  Seriously 4 Shaadi Club

211.  Below 36 & 1st time Shaadi Club

212.  Catholic Matrimony Club

213.  Audio & Voice Talk Club

214.  Restaurants & Foodie Critic Club

215.  Travel Helpers Club

216.  Tours & Travel Club

217.  Crypto Currency Club

218.  Penny Stocks Club

219.  Indian Stocks Club

220.  Desi Bikers Club

221.  Gardening Club

222.  Photography Club

223.  Business Owners Club

224.  Community Work Club

225.  Helping Hands Club

226.  Eclipse Watchers Club

227.  Nutrition Club

228.  MLM Club

229.  Smart Shoppers Club

230.  Beauty & Fashion Club

231.  Uber & Lyft Promo Club

232.  Referral Club

233.  Short Film Makers Club

234.  Tamil Short Film Makers Club

235.  Orators Club

236.  Politics Club

237.  American Politics Club

238.  Conservatives Politics Club

239.  Progressive Politics Club

240.  Independent Politics Club

241.  Tamil Politics Club

242.  Volunteers Club

243.  Indian Arts & Culture Club

244.  Soccer Fans Club

245.  Smart Phone Club

246.  Chess Club

247.  Freebies Club

248.  ICO Club

249.  Pet Lovers Club

250.  Flat Tummy Club

251.  Hair Care Club

252.  Recipes & Cooking Club

253.  Winners & Gambling Club

254.  Astrology Club

255.  Writers Club

256.  Tiffin & Lunch Club

257.  Desi Law Club

258.  Retirement & 401 K Club

259.  Arts & Artists Club

260.  Flight Booking Club

261.  Disaster Preparedness Club

262.  Wedding Planning Club

263.  Credit Score Club

264.  Movers Club

265.  Financial Planning Club

266.  Wellness & Fitness Club

267.  Import & Export Club

268.  Positive Thinkers Club

269.  Supernatural Club

270.  Disaster Preparedness Club

271.   Freebies Club 


272.  Hindi Chat Club

273.  Tamil Friends Club

274.  Mallu Friends Club

275.  Kannada Friends Club

276.  Telugu Friends Club

277.  Konkani Friends Club

278.  Marathi Friends Club

279.  Gujarati Friends Club

280.  Punjabi Friends Club

281.  Tulu Friends Club

282.  Rajasthani Friends Club

283.  Odia Friends Club

284.  Bengali Friends Club

285.  Assamese Friends Club

286.  Sindhi Friends Club

287.  Urdu Friends Club

288.  Tamil Language Learning Club

289.  Malayalam Language Learning Club

290.  Kannada Language Learning Club

291.  Telugu Language Learning Club

292.  Gujarati Language Learning Club

293.  Hindi Language Learning Club

294.  English Language Lab Club


295.  Religious Harmony Club

296.  Holy Bhagavad Gita Club

297.  Holy Guran Club

298.  Sri Gur Granti Sahib Club

299.  Holy Tripitaka Club

300.  Good News & Bible Club

301.  Atheists Club

To join our Whatsapp Groups please send a whatsapp message to Phone # 973-692-5232


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By joining NETWORK OF INDIANS IN AMERICA-  New Jersey and New York Meetup Group, here after mentioned as INDIANS LIVING IN NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK MEETUP Group and taking part in meetup events, you understand and agrees that Indians Living In New Jersey and New York Meetup Group  assumes ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility, including but not limited to damage or injury or loss of any kind/form due to the use of information, or participating in activities found on this group/site or related Indians Living in New Jersey and New York groups. By becoming the member/participant of the Indians Living in New Jersey and New York Meet up, you agree to the terms and conditions of the group. 

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I understand that during my participation in any Meetup Event or Activity organized by Indians Living in New Jersey and New York Meetup , I may be exposed to risks that include, but are not limited to, the dangers of serious personal injury, property damage, and death (“Injuries and Damages”). I agree to WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY Indians Living in New Jersey and New York Meetup Group  its Organizers, Event Hosts Meetup Organizing Committee, Admins and Leaders from any and all liability on account of, or in any way resulting from Injuries and Damages, in any way connected with the Activity I participate through this meetup. As a member of this Meetup Group, I voluntarily participate in the events and I completely understand, the Meetup Group is no responsible for any damage or injury happens during the event or activity.  I further agree to HOLD HARMLESS Indians Living in New Jersey and New York Group and leaders from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by my own negligence while a participant on the Activity. I understand and intend that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and includes any minors accompanying me on the Activity. 

If I bring guests to participate in the event I take full responsibility of the guests and agree to all above terms and conditions. I acknowledge that I understand that Indians Living in New Jersey and New York Meetup Group is not responsible and liable for any damage, loss or injury happens during any Meetup events. 

Disclaimer for our whatsapp Groups: