Lunch-and-learn: Scaling training of HuggingFace Transformers with Determined

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Our third lunch-and-learn session will cover training HuggingFace Transformers at scale using Determined! Learn to train Transformers with distributed training, hyperparameter searches and cheap spot instances -- all without modifying code. Join us on Wednesday, June 30th for lunch on us and a hands-on tutorial from Liam Li, a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Determined AI and Angela Jiang, a Product Manager at Determined AI.

Event Description:

HuggingFace has become a de facto source for Transformers models, making it possible to configure and define state-of-the-art NLP models with a few simple library calls. However, even after users’ models are defined, there is much more to training that they must handle, like tracking and reproducing experiments, distributing training, hyperparameter search, and managing resources. Now, with the Determined Transformers library, Transformers users can get an integrated solution to all these challenges.

This hands-on tutorial will cover the basics of Determined Transformers and walk through how to build a chatbot using a large Transformer language model with distributed training and spot instances. Come away with an understanding of how to train Transformers at scale with distributed training, experiment and artifact tracking, and resource management, all without needing to modify code.

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