What we're about

Hey Detroit! This is a prayer group for people in Detroit or those re-locating to Detroit who desire to start their own business in Detroit or who already have a business in Detroit and seek spiritual business development. We will meet on Zoom. I'm from Detroit but live in Virginia Beach. I plan on re-locating at some point. Quite simply I love Detroit. I want to join with other like minded people who also love Detroit. I want us to help in revitalizing and restoring Urban Wealth to Detroit lead by the love of God.

It's okay if you don't know exactly what type of business you want to start. This will be a place where you can explore your options. We will study Christian principles and guidance in business development. However, we are open to all faiths who are open to these principles. We are in no way trying to convert anyone to any particular religion or speak negative of other religions. We will pray, visualize and study together twice monthly. This group is centered around supporting and loving each other, our customers and community to make for a better Detroit.

We will start with this text to follow and learn spiritual business principles: The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur: 31 Days to Building Your Business with Less Stress and More Joy by Kim Avery. Please start reviewing if you can before the first meeting.

To start I would appreciate if you're interested in this group, please message me so we can meet on Zoom to do an introduction. I would like for us to get to know each other since the time on the actual meeting is limited.

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