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29 - [Wrocław] Getting Started with Microservices

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RSVP startuje 04.07 o godzinie 9:00. Warsztat będzie prowadzony w języku polskim.

Getting Started with Microservices - Time to Dismantle the Monolith and Demistify Microservices

Thanks to Cloud, Big Data and the increasing complexity of software we write. future will be much more distributed. We are already writing simple distributed systems. Web application with a database is a distributed system after all. Now is the time to start learning - how to build complex distrbuted systems. There is no going back. This workshop is based on my experience of building cloud first scalable products used by milions of users.

I need help demolishing the monolith and, I am hoping you will be part of my team.

We will cover things like:

• how big should be the microservice

• what happened to SOA

• why there is such a huge hype

• what are the benefits and problems of using microservice based architecture

• Is the monolith obsolete now

• What does it mean to distributed the data and why polyglot data approach can be useful

• Different types of services integrations, traps and problems


• Introduction to the 'mythical' microservices

• Docker crash course

• Basic introduction to RabbitMQ

• Step by ptep dismantling of the monolithic application, with a commentary


• Win 10 pro with Hyper-V enabled and installed Docker

• Or Linux based system with Docker

• 'some' text editor

• Git


Michał Franc

Lead Engineer @ Just Eat based in London.
Specializing in building cloud first scalable distributed products and teams capable of making them ( soo many hype keywords \o/).
Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Blogger. (


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