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We are pleased to announce the second Virtual BASH, this time organised around the theme of 'Ethics in Software Development'. The event will run on Friday 22nd May, from 12:00 to 13:30 (or slightly after).

We have three excellent presenters for you, speaking on three different dimensions of what ethical behaviour should be in our industry today. Full details below. There is no limit on the number of attendees, but please sign up here so we can gauge interest. As always updates will be posted here and on @devbash.

John Nolan (@johnsnolan)

Social media is given as much credence as a source of information as conventional journalism and government reports. What responsibilities as technologists do we have in this context?

AI Ethics for Developers: Embrace your Inner 5-year old
Gillian Armstrong (@virtualgill)

When you were five you were very quick to call out when things weren’t fair. You asked why… a lot. You had to learn to share. You didn’t have preconceived notions of what was or wasn’t possible. Ethics isn’t just for philosophers – it’s something that everyone has a responsibility to think about. In this session we’ll walk through practical examples and advice of how you can start to apply ethical principles to your own AI projects today.

Pragmatic Data Science: When Unstoppable Math meets Immovable Ethics
Andrew Bolster (@Bolster)

Since the developments of pure mathematics in the time of the Greeks, math has been wielded by anyone with the ability to imagine, or pay someone to imagine. How do we navigate the balance between ethical and social ideals in the face of grinding economic, technical and political machines? With global data mobility and super-exponential dissemination of lies, truth, and statistics, how do we "Prepare for unforeseen consequences"?

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