• Watching Your Fleet with OSQuery by James Carr

    OSQuery is a pretty impressive tool that lets you query various facts about your operating system as if it was a database. You can query facts like packages installed, the versions, network details, processes, etc. You can even compose some joins to list processes that are listening on certain ports. In this talk I'll go over using OSQuery on your personal machine as well as installing it on your server fleet and using scheduled queries to constantly watch what is happening on your boxes.

  • Building a Real-time Chat Web Application with Firebase

    About the Presentation: During this presentation we will walk through the basics of setting up Firebase to support a very basic real-time chat application. By the end you will see that Firebase is a powerful tool for developers to quickly create applications without the hassle of having to manage infrastructure, databases, crash reporting, etc. Things we will cover: * Create Firebase project in Firebase console * Create basic angular application GitHub - New Firebase Angular App * Add chat functionality * Deploy to Firebase Hosting Things we will cover (briefly) time permitting: * Authentication options * Cloud Functions * Cloud Storage If you would like to follow along, please bring your laptop with the following items installed: * The IDE/text editor of your choice, such as WebStorm, Atom, Sublime, or VS Code * NPM and NodeJS download * Internet connection * Firebase command line tool npm -g install firebase-tools help About the Presenter: Joe Cisar is an Application Development Team Lead at Veterans United Home Loans, the nation's leading lender of VA home loans. In his current role, he works on a wide range of products using a vast array of different technologies and platforms. Joe has been writing software professional since 2011. He has worked on a wide range of products and applications ranging form eCommerce websites to phone system call routing trees to cross-platform mobile apps for read estate agents. Most of his experience has been with web-based software and technologies. His recent passions in the software development world has been C# for REST API's and message-based systems, Angular for client-side development, and Firebase for all sorts of awesome things! Joe loves playing sports, weight lifting, video games, and hanging out with his awesome wife and two kids. Food will be provided courtesy of Veterans United.

  • Functional .NET Programming with F#

    The Hub

    About the Presentation: Alan Barr will discuss a strongly typed multi-paradigm, but primarily functional, programming language that runs on Microsoft .NET technologies. F# is strongly influenced by the ML family of functional languages but it is aimed at being a great .NET functional language. F# is a wonderful language and an excellent way to be exposed to functional programming, domain modeling, and continue to access a broad suite of libraries from .NET. Alan will discuss the history of F#, the Software Foundation, many of the core concepts and data structures that come with the language, developer tooling options, VSCode Ionide and Visual Studio, and various frameworks and utilities such as Giraffe, Saturn web frameworks, Fable F# to JavaScript compiler, and the Interactive REPL. The talk will contain live demonstrations of the language concepts and frameworks mentioned. This talk will touch on challenges the language faces in broader adoption. About the Presenter: Alan Barr is a Technical Product Manager at Veterans United. He has worked in a variety of roles as a Software Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Quality Assurance Architect and now a product manager of the internal software platform. The majority of Alan's experience is in web marketing companies and now VA mortgages. He fell into the world of technology unexpectedly after teaching English in South Korea. From that point he had the opportunity to work on impactful products such as a Content Management System that hosted 10000 Veterinarian, Chiropractic, and small business marketing websites all with PHP and MySQL. As well as an innovative CMS platform called Blueprint that runs many automotive dealership and inventory websites such as Jaguar/Land Rover and niche marketing websites on AWS with CouchDB, Elastic Search and PHP. Alan now focuses on enabling a variety of initiatives such as microservice orchestration, data lake, and data streaming and flow technologies at Veterans United Home Loans. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife hiking Columbia's wide assortment of nature areas and trails. Food will be sponsored by Veterans United Home Loans.

  • Open Source Intelligence

    The Hub

    About the Presentation: Open Source Intelligence is a way of finding out information from freely and easy sources on the internet. This talk will cover some of the tools that can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. It helps to understand your own security posture before you delve into the world. The talk will include time to talk about any tools the attendees use that don't get covered during the talk. About the Presenter: Eric Brown is a privacy enthusiast, and professor at William Woods University. While not an expert in this field, he has been highly interested in information security and privacy for over two decades..

  • Event Sourcing

    Innovation Hub

    Adam Lewis, Software Architect from Veterans United Home Loans, will be presenting on Event Sourcing techniques. As well as how Veterans United is using this technique to build more reliable systems with a high volume of changing data. Food will be sponsored by Veterans United Home Loans.

  • Productionize Your Testing

    The Hub

    About the Presentation: Testing infrastructure is often treated as less important than other software in an organization. Problems find their way into the test suites and result in expensive to maintain, slow, and unreliable tests. Through a simple shift in mindset and hard work, you can have fast, reliable, easy to maintain test suites. Topics covered in the talk will be: * Versioning Your Tests * Avoiding Code Duplication in Tests * Coding Tests To Embrace Change * Monitoring and Supporting Testing Infrastructure * Deploying Your Tests and Frameworks * Testing the Tests * Staffing for Success About the Speaker: Chris Harbert is the Founder and CEO of Testery, a company that helps organizations from startup to Fortune 50 improve quality through DevOps and test automation. After years as a software developer doing pair programming and test-driven development (XP), he followed the technical management track and became the Director of Information Quality for Resonate, a big data, consumer analytics startup in Northern Virginia. While building out their test automation team, processes, and infrastructure, he realized that despite having many options available, there is still a need for better test automation platforms in the industry. Testery has now built and is continuing to develop a next generation testing grid, which can run complex integration and end-to-end tests at high levels of concurrency. Chris has an Executive MBA from the University of Maryland (College Park), a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Missouri (Columbia), and is a father of two. Food will be provided by Testery

  • December Meetup: The Great Raspberry Pi In The Sky Hackathon

    Welcome to the last DevComo meetup of 2018. To wrap things up this year we are going to forgo our traditional format and instead have a fun Raspberry Pi hackathon. If you have a Pi bring it along with any equipment you have, and if you don't have one than come any way. We'll break out into groups and work on projects for the night, so wither you are n00b or a l33t P1 H4x0r you'll learn something new. Also, we won't have food for this meetup, so eat an early dinner.

  • November Meetup: WiFi Insecurity - Common Attacks Against Wireless Networks

    Join us this November for a quick tour of WiFi security standards with Nabil Alsharif and learn about their various strengths and weaknesses. Nabil is a Security Consultant at Blit-Tech and a Software Developer at Shelter Insurance. This month's meetup is sponsored by Blit-Tech.

  • October Meetup: Why Elm is Nice

    The Hub

    This month Jack Peterson will give a tour of Elm. Elm is nice. Let's explore why! Evan Czaplicki, the creator of Elm, has created the most delightful language I've ever used. In this talk Jack will explain how the careful craftsmanship behind the language, community, and tooling has created an incredible developer experience. Evan's steadfast vision, thoughtful design, consideration for context, and diligent research has resulted in the wonderful language. History, principles, lingo, features, docs, and demos will be explored and explained to illustrate why elm is nice. After graduating high-school, Jack started his professional career working as a graphic designer with a passion for UI and UX. After attending start-up weekend in 2016 and becoming a co-founder of PlusOne.Dating, Jack shifted my skill set. Jack has become a proficient front-end web developer and a competent full-stack web developer, In an effort to build PlusOne.Dating. Jack is currently the CTO for PlusOne.Dating and does freelance web-design. Jack can be reached at JackHPeterson.com or on Twitter @JackHPeterson This month's meetup is hosted by PlusOne.Dating

  • September Meetup: Introduction to GraphQL with JavaScript sponsored by MFA Inc

    This month Bryan Nehl will introduce us to GraphQL. GraphQL is billed as a query language for your API and as an alternative to the standard REST approach. This session will provide an introduction to the concepts behind GraphQL with examples in Javascript. Bryan has enjoyed creating software ever since his first Commodore 64. Since then he has had opportunities to work in both the network and software sides of IT. He has been a developer, a leader and manager in University, Government and private sector positions. Along the way Bryan figured out that he is very interested in the software development process. Especially, agile practices for the team and individual. Bryan's current development interests are more focused in the areas of Data Science and full-stack development. Away from the computer Bryan enjoys cycling, amateur radio and quilting. This months meetup is sponsored by MFA Inc.