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It's #November and let's celebrate it with the Global Day of Code Retreat (GDCR)!

It is an event where people around the world come together, forked by proximity yet joined by the passion for software craftsmanship, to solve an interesting problem and hone their skills while doing so.

Q: What happens in Code Retreat?
In this day long event, we retreat from our day to day job of solving enterprise engineering problems and focus on sharpening our craft of coding with simple but interesting coding problems. We start the day off with an interesting coding problem and as the event progresses we start adding constraints to the existing problem in order to observe variability and expose the right abstractions that will help to deal with the constraints.

This paradigm of using the a simple problem and then continually constraining it gives a window of opportunity to reason about abstractions and their relevance in everyday programming. This highlights the relevance of pairing as a programming practice which encourages sharing ideas and improving techniques to write code.
This year Sahaj Software Solutions is hosting and facilitating GDCR at their Pune office on 16th November 2019.

Refreshments and food will be provided during the event.

Q:Who can attend this event?
Anyone who likes to write code.

Q: How can I attend this event?
Just RSVP on this page

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
Because we will be writing code, we encourage you to bring your laptop with your choice of setup for writing code.

Q: Where is it?
Sahaj Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
301 A, Digambar Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune,