What we're about

This is a Meetup community that meets both online and in-person in Northern California, with a variety of events and presenters on topics related to intuition and transformation.

If you would like -

• A much greater sense of meaning and purpose in life

• To experience abundance and flow in every area of your life

• To attract (and be attracted to) people and experiences that are a good energetic match and who are aligned with your own purpose

• To have tools for when you get hit with paralyzing self-doubt and procrastination

• To trust life fully, and to know that all events in your life are supporting your highest good

Then this is the right group for you!

I have transformed my own life from one that was lived almost entirely from a place of fear (ok, panic most of the time) and lack of safety.... that was all about trying to create safety and security and ultimately totally unsatisfying... to one where all my decisions are made based on my intuition and in alignment with my highest good, the highest good of all and with my own purpose.

I'm living in a place that FINALLY feels like home... I get up every day and do work that I love, that feels deeply meaningful and that benefits others, and I have ENOUGH of everything I need. I'm deeply grateful and my only desire is to see others doing the same.

So, I'm expanding this meetup into a community effort so it can have a much bigger impact than I could on my own! I have a co-organizer, Alexia, who is equally committed to transformation, and I am inviting any and all coaches, healers, teachers to contact me if you'd like to offer an in-person or online event to this community.

If you're on Facebook, join my group, The Intuition School, for like-minded community, videos and resources! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheIntuitionSchool/

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