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Developer Space @ Google Singapore
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La Kopi @ Developer Space is a monthly open mic night for the developer community to learn, connect, and be inspired by each other. Every month, a tech theme is selected and developers submit their topics to be shared with the community. A short Q&A is available after every speaker. Just add your questions on our YouTube live chat.

Join us on Wed 18 March as we hear developers share their data science best practices, ideas, and projects built on Google developer tools!


Transforming the Lives of People with Behavioral Health
Pascale Bouchard-Cannon, PhD, Data Scientist, Holmusk

Take a look inside the diseased brain with Pascale and learn how she is using a combination of Inception Net and Resnet to analyse and predict the cognitive state of dementia patients. Hear how she uses CAMs to identify brain regions that are important in predicting the behaviour of the patients.


Data in a new startup - What should you measure, How quickly can you measure?
Priyadarshini Majumdar, CEO & Co-founder, ExploreMaps

Data is the lifeline of an App startup. We need to know who are our users? How are they using the app? What features are performing well? The ability to build that easily and quickly, to continuously learn from our users and keep innovating is key to a startup. Priya will be sharing their best practices, and present a comparative study between ExploreMaps and larger organisations.


Deep Learning - The Game Changer in Smart Grid Systems
Vaidheeswaran Archana, Master’s Student, NUS

Power grids have traditionally been a field with age-old practices to generate and transmit power to households. With the advent of smart grids, there has been constant coagulation of software technologies with electrical engineering. Hear Vaidheeswaran discuss the two types of Deep Learning applications in solar energy - using time series data along with LSTMs for power forecasting in Singapore, and using edge computing to solve visual inspection on solar farms.