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Google Developers Space, Singapore
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La Kopi @ Developers Space is a monthly open mic night for the developer community to learn, connect, and be inspired by one another. Every month, a tech theme is selected and developers submit their topics to be shared with the community.

A short Q&A is available after every speaker. Just add your questions on our YouTube live chat. Stay tuned until the end of the livestream and stand a chance to score some swags 🎁

Join us and hear developers from our community share their Machine Learning projects built on Firebase, TensorFlow, AutoML and more.

If you'd like to share about your project, sign up as a speaker → https://goo.gle/openmic


ML-Powered Welfie Temperature Recording Flutter App
Jason Choo, Tech Lead, pslove

Jason will talk about how to use Firebase Machine Learning with Flutter. In particular, he will explain how to use face detection and temperature text detection powered by Firebase Machine Learning. He will also discuss about his recent participation in the #Hack20 international Flutter hackathon project called Retrotrack which uses Firebase Machine Learning with Flutter.

Retrotrack is a retro ML-powered mass facial tracking app to record temperatures within seconds by capturing a welfie photo and thermometer screen result.

Retrotrack was voted as the top 100 projects (out of 266 projects) in the final round (Round 2) of community voting globally.

- - -

Face Expression Detection with TensorFlow and OpenCV
Vioni Wita Elya, Full Stack Developer, MII-Metrodata Electronics

Vioni is a machine learning, cloud, and augmented reality enthusiast. In this session, she will be sharing how to create a face expression detection with TensorFlow and OpenCV using Python programming language.

- - -

How Time Series Prediction Helps Wind Power Integration
Thursy Satriani, Machine Learning Engineer, Cloud Ace Singapore

Thursy is Machine Learning Engineer at Cloud Ace Singapore. She focuses on building Machine Learning and IoT solutions using Google Cloud Platform.

Uncertainty of power generated by the wind energy becomes one of the important issues which arises from management of the power system. Forecasting is used to minimize the impact of uncertainty by predicting the future value based on the historical data.

Thursy has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, and Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with research focus on AI in Renewable Energy.


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