What we're about

Developers Lab Barcelona is a community for tech lovers that want to come together and share their knowledge. You can expect us to cover a wide variety of topics and technology stacks (You say “python”? We say YES, you say “IoT”? we say YES, you say “career and growth in tech”? we say YES again). We would love to create a platform that inspires the geeks in us and empowers us to learn and widen our perspective every day.

We will be organising meet ups on defined topics. Stay tuned for the upcoming events and join us!

Are you interested in giving a talk in one of our gatherings? Please, complete this 'Call for Speakers' form (https://forms.gle/rF5bz374ZS3n9Ukj7) to express your interest, we would be thrilled to hear about what you are working on!

Developers Lab Barcelona is an inclusive community: we will organize our meet ups in English so that it reaches a wider audience. However, if you don’t feel confident with your English skills, please, don’t let this discourage you. Contact us anyway! Para que todo el mundo pueda participar, organizaremos los meet-ups en inglés. Si crees que tu inglés no es suficientemente bueno no te cortes, ¡nos apañamos! Per tal que tothom hi pugui participar, els meet-ups es faran en anglès. Si no tens plena confiança en el teu anglès no et tallis, segur que ens en sortirem!

Our story and who supports us

We are developers currently working at Elements, an independent agency with 62 Elementeers from all over the globe, working from offices in Almere, the Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain. We are passionate about crafting cool and usable digital experiences. Daily we feel inspired by our colleagues and we felt a bit sad that sometimes the day to day tasks did not leave space for us to showcase our work, personal tech projects, etc. We also really wanted to learn from other people and hear more about the cool projects out there. So, we asked Elements to support us in creating a community. We really hope this meet up serves its purpose and brings all the super cool people in tech together. Thank you for joining! SELECT Developers Lab Barcelona FROM meet up :)

Past events (2)

Back-end Webinar: Monitoring Microservices & Scaling DevOps.

This event has passed

PYTHON WEBINAR: Concurrency in Python & Project HonDash.

This event has passed