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Let's talk about changing eating habits. Is it easy?
Introduce yourself and share a little information about yourself and your expectation from the meetup. What made you join the group? Are you trying to change your eating habits or having a hard time changing your eating habits? Have you experienced health problems recently because of all the unhealthy food you have eaten in the past? Have you finally realized that every little bite of food we eat may have a huge impact on our health? Have you started searching for how many grams of protein, fat, carbohydrate or calcium we need each day and from what foods to get those? Are you having a hard time deciding what to eat without compromising on quality and taste? You are not alone. In the last two years, I have struggled to find foods that were healthy, affordable and also tasty and I have learned quite a bit and still learning. Now, I have lists of foods that are nutritious, tasty and doesn't cost a lot. I would like to share my experiences with you and hear yours and learn from each other. I am hoping to see you at our first meeting. Thank you! Note: Everyone is paying for their meals and contributing to the tip.

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Boston · Boston, ma

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People of all ages are welcome, especially those who have health problems and those who would like to age gracefully! This is a sharing and support group in developing better eating habits.

I would like members to share their personal experiences in overcoming challenges in changing eating habits for the better. It may be very hard to change any habits, especially eating habits and I want to build a support group in which group members share experiences and support each other in building better eating habits. When I had some health problems a few years ago, I went to the doctor and got an allergy test done but that wasn't helpful in identifying the cause the problems, neither was the doctor's recommendations. I started an elimination diet and slowly discovered that some foods and drinks were the cause of my health problems. The more I read, the more I learned and developed new habits to deal with my problems. I feel much better today and I am determined to stay that way. I would like to meet people with like-wise intention and mindset and open to share and learn from each other and support each other in overcoming challenges or obstacles in our journey.

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