Jam Session: WebAssembly and the birth of the New Web

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818 W. 46th St. · Minneapolis, MN

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Look for signs to point you to DevJam Underground. Parking: Lot behind Studio 2 Cafe and street parking on 46th and Bryant.

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From it’s humble origins with Netscape, Javascript has taken over the web as language of choice for developers.

But is JavaScript’s reign nearing an end? Enter WebAssembly, year 2017.

All major Web browsers now support this emerging binary-level technology that lets languages such as C, C++, C# and Java to be used as well as JavaScript to author client-side code for the World Wide Web.

So goodbye Javascript? Or? Come find out. . .

5:30 – 6:00 – Enjoy food, drink, and each other’s company

6:00- 6:45: Dave Doherty, "WebAssembly and You”

6:45 - 7:30 Robert Masen, "WASI, the promise of Wasm Outside of the Web”

7:30 - 8:00 Fishbowl Conversation

Speaker's information:

Dave Doherty develops the Atomsmith web apps that science educators use to engage students through the use of high performance physics-based 3D simulation and visualization. On the front end, he employs technologies such as React, WebGL, and WebAssembly (used to compile Atomsmith's simulation and visualization engines from C++). On the back end, he uses a lot of node.js, express.js, and MongoDB. Dave spent many years developing and optimizing science and engineering codes on supercomputers and he's waiting for the day that the llvm compiler can compile Fortran to WebAssembly.

Robert Masen is a software developer with a keen interest in emerging technologies like Rust and Web Assembly.