DevOps and how to succeed in failure

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This month will feature two talks!

Title: DevOps and how to succeed in failure

DevOps transformations tend to happen two ways - top-down and bottom-up. How do we as technologists make sure the hard work we do to transform our team or organization doesn’t fail when we leave, or someone else leaves? It’s simple - we don’t. We fail in these situations because we haven’t found the business value to our transformation work, or we haven’t identified the like-minded people in our organization who can evangelize our progress. In my talk we will investigate the systemic failings that I have personally witnessed, been party to, or caused and also go through the lessons learned from those failures. We will talk about the specific tactics and practices I and my co-workers at Contino have used to create lasting transformations in organizations large and small. And I’ll have stickers because if all else fails and my talk bombs, at least you’ll have a sticker.

Title: Don’t roll your own, featuring: Kubernetes

This talk is about the dangers of rolling your own infrastructure solutions, and why it should be avoided except in specific edge cases. We'll cover how much rolling your own sucks, the engineering effort required - and how you'll always have a subpar product ...unless you have the budget of Google
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