• DevOps Utrecht November Meetup

    Capgemini Nederland BV

    18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by Capgemini 19:00 - Talk #1: Anaïs van Asselt, Quality assurance; the missing piece of the DevOps puzzle 19:55 - Break 20:10 - Talk #2: Fabian Met, How to win friends and influence businesses - A war story on helping an organization that has been rusted in place for years. 21:00 - Networking and beers --------------------- #1 Quality assurance; the missing piece of the DevOps puzzle Delivering fast with high quality; that is what we want with DevOps. In practice, I see a lot of focus on delivering fast by optimizing build and deployment processes using DevOps tools. But let’s not forget that going to production automatically requires trust. A lot of trust. And trust is built by quality assurance. The talk is about quality assurance in a DevOps environment, the principle ‘built-in quality’ and what the impact is on a DevOps team. Best practices will be shared and are based on my own meandering experience. Anaïs van Asselt is a Senior QA & Testconsultant with a passion for Agile/DevOps and test automation. After 4 years experience within Agile/DevOps teams of several companies she's now coaching teams on Agile/DevOps testing & test automation. #2 How to win friends and influence businesses - A war story on helping an organisation that has been rusted in place for years. Major retailers in the Netherlands are always pressured to stay on top of their game with their service provided, however this creates two camps. Camp A who is happy everything works, and camp B who tries to innovate and improve things. Its often difficult to get these organisations to stay on top of their game. This is a story on how we helped a major retailer move from their old outdated infrastructure to a new set up in Kubernetes on AWS. While keeping both camps happy! Fabian Met is one of the founding partners of Fullstaq.com. In his case that means that he's just a nerd that started a company. Fabian comes from a background of working for big national companies, both as a contractor and as an employee. Over the years he got to work with some really awesome projects and some really rusted ones, happy to say that nowadays he can see the charm and challenges in both situations. To get their ideas out to more companies and help them achieve their goals he and his colleague decided to start fullstaq.com. Its going great, so they are actively looking for new people!

  • DevOps October meetup


    18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by YACHT 19:00 - Talk #1: Joep Piscaer, Come listen to me, I’m a fraud! A story on success, impostor syndrome and self-inflicted, perpetually non-existent comfort zone. 19:45 - Break 19:55 - Talk #2: Sanne Kalkman, Who Takes Out Your Trash? 20:30 - Break 20:40 - Talk #3: Brian Langhoor, Test Driven Development 21:10 - Networking and beers --------------------------- Hey you! You’re exposed! We know you are a fraud! You’re don’t deserve any of the success you’ve achieved! Do you recognize the fear of being exposed as a fraud? I do. Even as I prepare and present this session, I feel that you’ll expose me of not being worthy of talking to you. With fifteen years in IT and a successful career as a world-class infrastructure engineer, a speaker at many industry conferences, a blogger, analyst and technical marketing freelancer for Silicon Valley Startups and a CTO of a 1200+ infra and software engineering company, I can definitely say I suffer from impostor syndrome, and by extension, perfectionism. And it doesn’t go away with success. The opposite seems to be true, actually. I’ve learned to harness it, spending a lot of time way out of my comfort zone to figure out how to come to terms with it and use it for good. Maybe the fact that I experience the syndrome makes me more humble, which makes me more valuable as a leader. With small, incremental improvements, I now live in a self-inflicted, perpetually non-existing comfort zone. I’m constantly in the imposter zone, because I’m constantly doing new things, learning new skills, meeting new people. And I love it! It has brought me many smaller and larger victories, a career that’s led me to new and unexpected ventures and most importantly, a network of friends and relationships I otherwise would never have had. ---------------------- Even clean code creates garbage. Although most of us don't take out our own trash, we should still know how it's done! In our daily development lives, most of us don’t have to worry about unused objects gathering cobwebs and filling up the memory. All we need to know is that our language has a garbage collector that just comes by and makes our trash disappear. Somehow it figures out what should stay and what can go, our program can keep going without running out of space, and we don’t have to do a thing. It is not in fact magic that takes care of the garbage, and this talk will show you how it’s done. First, we’ll explore how two of the most common garbage collection algorithms, reference counting and tracing, figure out what is ready to be collected. Next, we’ll see how we could get the garbage truck out of the way faster by using a generational algorithm, This friendly introduction to taking out the trash gives an overview of important aspects of garbage collection algorithms. It is specifically meant to be accessible developers of all levels and you’ll walk away with an understanding of and appreciation for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. ---------------------- Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle: requirements are turned into very specific test cases, then the software is improved to pass the new tests, only. This is opposed to software development that allows software to be added that is not proven to meet requirements. TDD is for many a world in reverse: tests are written for code that does not yet exist. You write code until all tests are successful. During this tech talk Brain will give a hands impression of the writing of tests, the success of the tests, the required / resulting architecture and how to deal with external components where a database is taken as an example. The examples will be shown and made in a C#.Net environment. The talk will mainly focus on the TDD principle, not the programming language.

  • DevOps Utrecht June Meetup @ CA Technologies

    18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by CA Technologies 19:00 - Talk #1: Hans Gerritsen & Bastiaan Bakker, From scratch to success with DevOps at Nederlandse Spoorwegen 19:45 - Break 20:00 - Talk #2: Vivian Lobo: Model Based Testing and DevOps 20:45 - Networking and beer ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk #1:From scratch to success with DevOps at Nederlandse Spoorwegen In 2016 our team at NS developing the libraries for calculating prices and ticket layouts started a transformation. Instead of distributing data and libraries to 19 different internal and external customers a more centralized approach was chosen. From scratch we started changing the software architecture (micro services), implemented CD-methodologies and started to host our own server-cluster in the cloud. Now 1,5 years later our team counts within NS as a successful example of an autonomous CD/Agile/DevOps team. This talk focusses on the journey from scratch to the situation it is now in and the different obstacles of various nature they met. Hans Gerritsen works as senior developer at Nederlandse Spoorwegen for the MRP scrum team. He has a background in signal processing and technical automation and works at NS since 2012. Since 2016 he is part of the MRP team that develops libraries and micro services for price calculation and ticket image generation. Bastiaan Bakker works as DevOps coach at Nederlandse Spoorwegen. He enjoys helping teams with their DevOps journey as well as coding cloud infrastructure himself. Being a firm believer in "You build it, you run it", he happily has run pager duty throughout most of his career. At Xebia, Bastiaan is also known as Chief Blockchain Pragmatist, feel free to ask anything about Ethereum 🙂 Talk #2: Model Based Testing and DevOps “Adopting the ‘Everything as Model’ approach helps in building solutions better and faster and enhances every aspects of Devops. Vivian will share his experiences from his role as developer and now Scrum master for a development team that builds CA Agile Requirements Designer, a solution designed around this concept” Vivian is a software engineer with a master’s degree in computer science. He started his professional career in start-up’s before moving to CA. He worked as one of the developers for the CA Agile Requirements Designer product and has recently moved into a Scrum Master role for this development team.

  • DevOps Utrecht May Meetup, 10th Edition!! Highly Interactive!

    The 10th edition of DevOps Utrecht Meetup, fully sponsored by S0L1D Heroes. This time no presentations, but a highly interactive workshop. DevOps? Oh behave! High-performance teams are NOT the teams with the newest tools or the coolest pipelines. High-performance teams are teams showing "the right behavior" every single day. But what is this "right behavior" in the DevOps context? And how can you help your team mates in achieving this? And how do you effectively influence the behavior of all the stakeholders in your domain, like your fellow team members, your customers, your manager, or that awful guy from compliancy & risk? This highly interactive workshop will give you real practical instruments, tips & tricks (all based on scientific & practical evidence and experience) how to help truly create a high-performance environment in your organization. Dave van Herpen (Principal Consultant at Quint Wellington Redwood) and Peter Nijenhuis (DevOps Coach and Founder / Owner of S0L1D Heroes) will be facilitating this evening. Dave has been coaching multiple international organizations in their transformation journey towards high-performance. Peter currently working as DevOps Coach @APG and0 also in pursuit of achieving high performing teams.

  • DevOps Utrecht April meetup @Lab Digital

    Lab Digital

    18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by Lab Digital 19:00 - Talk #1: Henry Been, DevSecOps: Securing applications with DevOps 19:45 - Break 20:00 - Talk #2: Michael van Tellingen & Pim Vernooij: Scaling DevOps as a digital agency 20:45 - Networking and beer Talk #1: DevSecOps: Securing applications with DevOps DevOps is all about delivering new features as fast as possible. But what if this means that you're also shipping security issues faster than ever? Security practices must speed up to keep pace with DevOps. This session shows you how you can increase your deployment frequency while still making sure that you ship secure applications. You'll learn best practices and principles for securing your application in a cloud world. You’ll also learn about tooling such as Whitesource and Azure Security Center. In the end, you’ll have a good idea of how to integrate security checks into DevOps and deliver more secure applications. Wouter de Kort works as a lead architect and consultant. He helps organizations stay on the cutting edge of software development. Wouter focuses on DevOps, Agile and Application Lifecycle Management. He loves solving complex problems and helping other developers to grow. Wouter authored the book DevOps on the Microsoft stack and a couple of other books. Wouter is a Microsoft MVP Visual Studio and Development Technologies and an ALM Ranger. You can find him on Twitter (@wouterdekort), on his blog at wouterdekort.com and at the various conferences where Wouter speaks. Talk #2: Scaling DevOps as a digital agency Digital agencies typically serve a lot of clients, and thus a lot of codebases and environments that need to be scalable, secure and robust. Clients tend to prefer cool features over topics such as infrastructure, security or automation. In this talk we we’ll cover our approach to standardisation of application codebases, CI/CD pipelines and the infrastructure, using a “Cookiecutter” methodology. By following this approach, we are able to implement high quality infrastructures for all of our clients, without spending a whole lot of time on it, allowing us to focus on features instead of infra. Michael van Tellingen - VP of Engineering, Pim Vernooij - CTO at Lab Digital. With Lab Digital, Michael and Pim deliver high quality bespoke software solutions to corporate clients. Michael is a long time open source contributor in the Python space. Pim has been serving clients as a technology director for large agencies, and has been taming the cloud since 2010. Lab Digital specialises in creating digital products, focussing on UX & Design, Open Source Technology and Cloud Native development.

  • DevOps Utrecht March meetup @Plat4mation


    18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by Plat4Mation 19:00 - Talk #1: Michiel Rook, Effective leadership in Agile/DevOps environments 19:45 - Break 20:00 - Talk #2: Luc Raeskin, Enterprise DevOps - Working Agile in DevOps teams while managing relations to ITSM and Portfolio Management 20:45 - Networking and beer Talk #1: Effective leadership in Agile/DevOps environments The Agile and DevOps movements place a lot of emphasis on the autonomy, self-organization and responsibility of teams. A common misconception is that there is little or no role for leaders of such teams. On the contrary! In this rapidly changing world, where competition is fierce and the pressure to deliver is high, effective leaders create environments that allow teams to thrive. They enable, coach and inspire. But what makes a leader an effective leader? Attend this talk to learn more about various leadership theories, how they can be applied in practice, and my thoughts on leadership based on experience as a tech lead and scrum master and from military service. Michiel Rook is an experienced consultant, developer, trainer & speaker from the Netherlands. He loves helping teams and companies to develop better software and improve the delivery process. When he’s not thinking about continuous deployment, devops or event sourcing he enjoys music, cars, sports and movies. Talk#2: Many enterprises are moving towards a DevOps way of working. This is great! However, we do see some misalignment with Security, Compliance and sometimes even ITSM processes. Or the relation to Portfolio Management. As such we developed using the ServiceNow platform a framework how enterprises can work DevOps/Agile but still keeping the necessary processes in place.

  • DevOps Utrecht February Meetup @StackState


    Schedule: 18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by StackState 19:00 - Talk #1: Bas Tichelaar, Building a scalable learning platform with Terraform, Kubernetes and Google Cloud 19:45 - Break 20:00 - Talk #2: Lodewijk Boogaards, How To Model the Configuration of What Is Going On in Any IT System. 20:45 - Networking and beer Talk #1: Building a scalable learning platform with Terraform, Kubernetes and Google Cloud Bas is one of the founders of Instruqt, a learning platform for DevOps tooling and Cloud technology. With Instruqt, every participants gets his own personal infrastructure, that is being created in seconds. Bas will talk about how they leveraged Terraform, Kubernetes and Google Cloud to create a scalable and cost-effective learning platform. He will discuss the choices they've made, the problems they encountered and the lessons learned. Bas Tichelaar, co-founder at Instruqt Bas has over 18 years of experience in IT, with a focus on DevOps and Cloud. He worked as a consultant and architect the last 5 years. His mission is to make learning DevOps and Cloud more effective and fun. Within Instruqt, his role is mainly sales and marketing, but he just can't stop coding :) Talk #2: How To Model the Configuration of What Is Going On in Any IT System. Lodewijk discusses the philosophy of StackState and explains why you need topology, telemetry, time and transactions (the 4T's) to capture your entire IT stack in one data model. Lodewijk Bogaards, CTO and Co-founder of StackState. Lodewijk has over 20 years of software development experience. He has been a DevOps evangelist and architect for 5 years. He was the lead software engineer and developer of a multi-purpose 3D simulation environment.

  • DevOps Utrecht Januari meetup @ Cohesion Experience Lab

    Cohesion Experience Lab

    Schedule: 18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by Cohesion Experience Lab 19:00 - Talk #1: Amer Grgic, How to deploy a serverless microservice 19:45 - Break 20:00 - Talk #2: Alex Koolschijn, The rapidly digitizing world of justice and law enforcement 20:45 - Networking and beer Talk #1: Always wanted to know how to run a microservice without servers? In this presentation, Amer will tell you what he used and how he went about this using Flask, Zappa and AWS (Lambda, API Gateway, Rekognition and S3). Amer Grgic (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amergrgic/) is CTO at Tevreden.nl and is, together with his team, responsible for everything regarding IT at Tevreden.nl. He is also always interested in new techniques within DevOps and how to use them in production. Talk#2: The rapidly digitizing world of justice and law enforcement , there is a need to be able to quickly classify digital content. The NFI has created a software product called Hansken which is build for this purpose. Alex will tell about the journey from waterfall to CIDD within the NFI. Alex Koolschijn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexkoolschijn/) is a DevOps Consultant at Cohesion and has an assignment at NFI to help them by the transformation from classic column structured IT organization to Agile DevOps approach, this on a mindset level as well as technical level.

  • DevOps Utrecht December meetup @Infi

    Schedule: 18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided by Infi 19:00 - Talk #1: Giancarlo Rubio, End to end monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus 19:45 - Break 20:00 - Talk #2: Gerrit Tamboer, A technical deep-dive into Terraform 20:45 - Networking and beer Giancarlo Rubio (https://www.linkedin.com/in/giancarlo-rubio-778b13b/) is a DevOps Engineer at LINKIT, currently working at KLM, open source mind, Kubernetes certified and addicted. End to end monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus A lot of people talk a lot about Prometheus and Kubernetes. On this talk, Giancarlo will cover how you can monitor your Kubernetes Cluster using Prometheus - review some concepts, Operators and a demo (May the Demo Gods, support him!)" The presentation is based on his post on medium - Kubernetes monitoring with Prometheus in 15 minutes - http://bit.ly/2kIDNu2 Gerrit Tamboer (https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerrittamboer)is a seasoned system engineer and co-founder of Fullstaq, a consulting partner in the DevOps technology niche. Gerrit spends his time working with technology like containerization, cloud and continuous everything. As an experienced speaker he loves talking about tech and discussing challenging use-cases. A technical deep-dive into Terraform: We'll be talking about Terraform, a modern IaC tool populair in cloud infrastructure deployments. Do's, don'ts and a live demo!