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Would you believe it? It's been almost a year since the reboot of our beloved meetup. What better way to celebrate than to join once again the forty-something meetups organized around this year's Craft!

Just like last year, Craft lends again two speakers from their line-up to bring the awesomeness to as many people as possible.

DevOps: Who Does What? - Cornelia Davis
Within the IT organizational structures that have dominated the last several decades roles and responsibilities are fairly standardized. But with the dramatic changes that DevOps practices and supporting toolsets bring, many are left feeling a bit off balance - it’s no longer clear who is responsible for even things as “straight-forward” as development or operations.

In this talk I will take traditional roles that are distributed across fairly standard IT structures and sort them into a new organizational context. What is the role of the Enterprise Architect? Who does capacity planning and how? How can change management step out of the way all while still satisfying the requirements of safe deployments? How do agile teams interface with personnel responsible for maintaining legacy systems? I’ll leave the audience with a blueprint for a new organizational structure.

Do you know all of Puppet? - Julien Pivotto
Puppet is a well-know tool. But do you use all of its possibilities? Puppet users know how to automate things. But there are lots of situations where Puppet is under used. Did you adapt you practices with the evolution of Puppet? This talk will present best practices and tips and tricks from a puppet power user.

And now for the all-important details...

17:30 - Venue opens gates
18:00 - 1st presenter starts
18:40 - 2nd presenter starts
19:20 - Food and beverages arrive - networking

Afterparty will be at Grund ( 20:00.

There shall be more meetups after this.

• We always welcome talk proposals! Please submit your talk on Slack ( ) or via this form: .

• If you have something you'd like to hear about, please let us know via Slack, or the other form:

This meetup event is English speaking! The venue, drinks, and food are sponsored by Dealogic.