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Teamwork and DevOps

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Team Work and DevOps

Adopting practices such as continuous integration and continuous delivery is key in enabling DevOps within organizations. However, organizations cannot adopt these practices without building a DevOps team structure that facilitates these practices and other aspects of DevOps culture*

The current interest in DevOps is a result of the evolution of practices and, most importantly, culture and team structure. “Agile methodology—e.g., scrum or combine—have also helped organize the flow of work,” says Laurent Valadares, Director of Cloud Operations at MuleSoft. “10 years ago people were working in parallel, now they are working collaboratively. All of these things—practices, culture, methodology—have been evolving. And people are evolving as well as products and platforms.”


We have some great speakers lined up that will be discussing how DevOps teams are built, work and operate. This of course links nicely to the methodologies we use but also topics such as remote teams, flexible working, Technical Debt and Our Speakers

Kristin Cooper

Kristin is an agile project manager, specialising in delivering web projects following agile scrum and, recently, scaled agile frameworks. She spends most of her time working with 3rd party development teams producing or migrating dictionaries websites. When she’s not doing that she can be found lumbering around a hockey pitch or gardening.

Remote work and working with distributed teams In scope: A short talk on the challenges, benefits and some of the tips and tricks I have used when working remotely with distributed teams. This is very much an ‘in the trenches’ view of the subject based on my experiences plus some plagiarised stuff from the web . Not in scope: silver bullets (can you tell I’m a Project Manager?).

Mark Heath Get out of (Technical) Debt

Why is it that so often, despite our best intentions, our codebase seems to get progressively more and more difficult to work with over time? In this talk, we'll look at the various ways that decisions we made in the past can slow down our progress in the future. We'll see some ways to measure the problem, how you can work with management and developers towards addressing the issue, and ways you can avoid

As always we will be providing refreshments for all attendees, we look forward to seeing you there.

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