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🏢 Location: Combell Gent
🍽️ We'll have drinks and are still checking with the venue if food is available
👍 We have a limited amount of spots, so only RSVP when you are sure you'll be able to make it.

19:00 Doors (food and drinks available)
20:00: Talk 1: Brecht De Ruyte - The Future of UI is "open"
20:45: Talk 2: Roel Van Gils - Accessibility for \Lazy\ Busy Developers
21:15 Socializing
22:?? End of meetup

Talk 1: Brecht De Ruyte - The future of UI is "open"
When dealing with more advanced UI elements there are a lot of things that go wrong. They impact performance, accessibility and have the tendency to create frustrations along the way. In this talk, I will be introducing you to the W3C community around Open UI, while also taking a little detour with the Anchoring API. By combining these future specs we'll take a peek at the future of styling custom UI by only using HTML and CSS, giving you less frustration, performance boosts and basic accessibility out of the box. We'll also have a little look at the new selectlist and exclusive accordions

Talk 2: Roel Van Gils - Accessibility for \Lazy\ Busy Developers
Building an accessible front-end doesn’t have to be a chore. By planning ahead and applying inclusive design principles from the start, you can save precious development time and ensure accessibility without breaking a sweat. In this talk, I’ll share the best-kept secrets of accessible front-end web development.

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