What we're about

In short - this group was opened in order to try and get out in the suburbs, have good times and meet people, hopefully to find quality people for long term friendships. Let's see where the adventures take us!

In long - I have learned that I need to be a bit longer and clearer about what that means above. So here goes.... as a member, please read the following.

This group is intended to be FUN and have various types of events where people can meet and mingle - with the expressed intent only of exploring new places, activities and events that generally will be in the suburbs of DFW - all while we make new friends! If you end up making a friend that turns into dating, great. But please note, that's not everyone's intent in this group. The intent and hope is that people will establish quality friendships that are more than just societal events, but such relations cannot be forced. With that being said, we are all different and have different needs and expectations; therefore, to provide more clarity, a few membership requirements:

· Photo/Name

Have a RECENT photo that clearly shows your face (we need to know who we are talking to and meeting!) and at least your first name (i.e. AnaBanana is ok as we will refer to you as Ana).

· Age requirements

No age requirements, unless we are drinking, then you must be 21. Any other events are open to all (no expectations on age, spiritual beliefs, race, sex, sexual preference, etc - this group is open to all walks of life).

· Drinking – do responsibly

If you do decide to drink, which is not required even if it is a drinking event, please do so responsibly (i.e. don't drink and drive, don't get "handsy" or inappropriate with other members, don't become aggressive, don't expect anyone else to be responsible for you). Drinking is 100% your responsibility and your liability.

· Do NOT send Meetup emails to group members that you have not yet met.

· Dating

This is NOT a dating site nor is it a dating group. Although there are groups on Meetup where the intent may be to date (i.e. singles groups), again, PLEASE REMEMBER - this site is NOT a dating site! People go to events and join groups for a myriad of reasons, please do not assume.

If you meet someone out at an event, or are interested in a member by the look of their picture, go to an event where they are. Introduce yourself. Ask them if they are seeing anyone or if they are married. Let dating happen organically, as that is not the outright intent of the group here. Although, if it happens, congrats.

I have had meetups (like my plus one parties) where I encourage singles to meet. If you are single and if you are wanting to date, then great. But please remember that dating is not the intent of the group nor is it what every member is here for!

If you are married, please be up front about it and don't use this group as a way to date others and deceive them of your marital status. I mention this as I have now seen it all and there are several kinds of people who come to events - some that have this intent and some that have had this experience and don't wish to have it again. When a woman says no I am not interested in some shape or form, please take it as that. No means no.

· This group is NOT for cultivating business relationships. Please don't use it for your business events.

· This group is NOT for swingers. (Enough said?)


Organizers are volunteers who want to make the group better. Please be considerate to the event coordinator(s) and organizer(s) and keep your RSVP updated. It helps if and when they make reservations or arrangements for the outings.

· Liability

As a member of this group, you (and anyone that you may bring to an event outing) agree to not holding anyone else liable for issues should they present themselves during an outing.

· Questions/comments

Please don't wait until the last minute for questions about activities. We can't always check comments on the Meetup site, but will always try our best to address your needs asap.

· Inappropriate Behavior

Behavior deemed as "inappropriate" may result in a member (or members) from being removed from the group. No illegal activities allowed - ever. It is the meetup organizers discretion to remove people as they see fit.

· Gossip/Issues with other(member)s

If you have a problem with another member, please do NOT discuss it with everyone else. Please first try to go to the source and try to work it out, preferably not at a group/public event. If you cannot work things out and it limits your interactions with the group, please come to an organizer so we can attempt to address it. We will not be intermediaries (no middle men) but we want everyone to feel like they can come to events, even if we realize that not everyone likes everyone else. So is life, but this group is for fun - let's do that as best as we can as adults, not teens who need to talk about one another on the down low!

· This group is not a good fit for people who:

lack social skills or exhibit behaviors which make people uncomfortable, have negative attitudes or tendencies towards hostility or harassment, over drink, have a tendency to RSVP and no show or are curious to just see who is in the group but never go to an event.

· Suggestions/Events

If you have suggestions on events, please feel free to email any of the organizers OR post a thread and ask for interest. I generally schedule events more on the weekends due to life demands, but am open to trying to schedule events mid week if I can. If you have been to events before, and are responsible and open to welcoming others, I am open to allowing you to host an event should I or the other organizers not be able to make it. Just ask!

· Fees

There are no fees here. I opened this group and took that upon myself. If you wish to make a donation, always appreciated but never expected.

Now.... none of this is meant to run you off, which it may do :( I hope you will just come out and have FUN!

Look forward to meeting you all!

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