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Dharma Drink: the hang-out for Buddhists (& like minded) - Virtual

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Eddie and Peter S.
Dharma Drink: the hang-out for Buddhists (& like minded) - Virtual



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A great way to get Dharma connected in New York!

For people interested in Buddhism or meditation or just leading a kinder life who are up for meeting like minded people.

Dharma Drink is now Self Service!

Look for the “Dharma Drink” sign or ask the staff, we are generally at the same spot next to the stairs but sometime we are at other locations due to special museum activities.

Just show up and see what happens - just like if you were hanging out meeting other Buddhists randomly in Kathamandu or India. And don't take the RSVP too seriously - people are coming now who don't RSVP. The word is getting out....

Everyone is invited! Dharma Drink is all about building community amongst the Buddhist and like minded crowd in New York City. Greg the founder of Dharma Drink: "I was inspired to start Dharma Drink by hanging out with all of the great students of all of the different lamas in Kathmandu - Kagyu, Nyingma, Sakya, Gelugpa - totally Rimey (also Zen, Thai, Theravadan, yoga travelers, and the curious - just about everyone!). We all became great friends and learned from each other." We're there every Friday night - see you there.

Motivation: To make the Rubin Museum Lounge on Friday night the Buddhist and like minded hang-out spot in New York.

Who: ALL ARE INVITED. Feel free to spread the word. The more, the merrier.

Time: 6:30-?pm
Date: Every Friday - like clockwork
Place: Rubin Museum Lounge, 17th Street and 7th Avenue
How to find us: Look for a table with the small sign "Dharma Drink" + Lounge staff will know where we are.

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              Avalokiteshvara, Ming Dynasty 1368-1644, from National Palace Museum at Taipei, Taiwan
Dharma Drink: the hangout for Buddhists (& like minded)
Dharma Drink: the hangout for Buddhists (& like minded)
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