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Diamond Light is a heart-centered community offering Buddhist teachings in the Gelugpa tradition.

We will provide all beings the opportunity to be happy and experience awakening in this life, through offering the teachings and practices of the Buddha as presented in the Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa tradition. The awakening of Wisdom and Compassion for the benefit of all living beings, is at the heart of our practice. We offer Dharma classes, meditation, workshops, yoga, guest speakers, spiritual community, and retreats for new and experienced students from diverse backgrounds. Our mission will be complete when every living being is peaceful, happy, safe and free. The Highest Calling, as the venerable Gandhi said, is service to others.

We meet weekly at the Sierra 2 Center: 2791 24th Street, Room 14, Sacramento, CA 95818

Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group Website (https://www.diamondlightsac.org/)

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