What we're about

Digital Health Futurists is a group of researchers, educators, health professionals, health data scientists, founders and technologists who want to explore digital health assessment and intervention research, so we can together amplify and transform all of our work into positive affects in the real world.

We focus on outcomes and mechanisms research + methods to enhance digital intervention design and development, and we help bring combinatorial theory to practice by pushing our work in the labs of each individual domain into the light.

Our top-of-mind discussions and collaborations encompass a wide range of research approaches that all have a systems-thinking mindset and digital components. These approaches include:

• Digital logs & diaries

• Sensor-based research & implementations

• Qualitative experience studies

• Ecological momentary & ambulatory assessment

• Novel theories lacking (human & monetary) resources to bring to the field

We expand the traditional definition of "outcomes" which include experiences and behaviors to psychobehavioral and neurophysiological states, and the ontogenetic and phylogenetic processes that are determinants of systemic outcome.

If you're interested in health outcomes + mechanisms of change/actions, we welcome future presenters with study designs/research/data relating to digital assessment or intervention.

The world post-covid needs your genius and commitment to continue these discussions and your willingness to default to action!

/// 05.07.2020 note to members

As of 05.07.2020 - Group is back up and new events are in the works!
New organizers welcome ideas on upcoming events for the group

/ Discussions & polling to be posted this month /

To keep the origin story of the group (and thanks to the original founders: Fred Muench, Gertraud Stadler, Heather Cole-Lewis, and Alexis Kuerbis), much will stay the same as the topics of digital health gathers more momentum due to COVID.

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