What we're about

We're looking to connect musicians and music industry pros such as venue managers and promoters, with graphic designers and web developers and photographers who are interested in working in the music industry.

7pm to 7:15pm - Open Networking, Registration

7:15pm to 7:45pm - Each attendee quickly shares who they are, what they've been working on, what they're looking for, and what they're offering.

7:45pm to 8:15pm - Moderators will host a conversation revolving around each meeting's key topic, for example specific challenges related to branding, audience engagement (in real life as well as social media), creativity and more. We'll look to hear attendees' thoughts and problem-solving ideas.

8:15pm to 9pm - Progress Time - Music Folks get paired up with Designers/Developers in order to see if some quick work could be done.

The goal here is for designers/developers to offer an engaging consultation at no cost, and that music folks will either post/recommend the artist after the fact, or engage them further. We'll let people do what feels natural, but the point is to walk away with a feeling of progress. Maybe a new logo coming together, a new facebook header graphic, a fix to something broken on the website, or a new mailchimp account with a nice header graphic.

Designers/Developers should be thinking of this as a way to donate their skills to the music industry, build new portfolio work, and make new connections.

This is an opportunity for all to engage, educate, learn about industry trends, and make progress, all while enjoying a cold one - if you like!

Sponsored by MusicIDB.com

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