What we're about

Digital Marketing Denver is run by Strattex Solutions, a hyperlocal marketing company based in Denver, CO.

Who Should Join:
- Local business owners that want the right information to DEFINITELY grow their business LOCALLY
- Local business owners that don't want to or cannot spend a lot of money to market their businesses
- Business owners that are being "pitched" by marketing/SEO/PPC/etc
- Business owners that have been burned by marketing companies (Scorched Earth)
- Local business owners that want to learn how to create their own multi-channeled inbound system to drive new local customers into their doors

Why Should You Join?

- We will share the latest trends in digital marketing so that you can use them to grow your business

- We teach you how to do it. No scammy sales tactics here.

- We've proven that our system works. Our money-back guarantee for our clients FORCES us to get results. We're sharing these same tactics we use for them.

What this Meetup Will Do:
- We teach local business owners how to AFFORDABLY & successfully grow their "local new customer volume" using best practices
- We will teach you the "bait and switch" tactics of the "SEO or digital marketing agencies"....and show you why they're significantly flawed
- We will share their "tricks" with you so that you are more informed about what NOT TO DO
- We will show you how to get more "Reviews For Your Business"

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