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The Future of Workforces is diverse in the most holistic way: remote (offshore) and virtual staff are collaborating with onshore teams, technology and AI are part of decision making as well as tactical tasks. Resources are available from all over the world - the question is: how to define the best way to collaborate - hiring, contracting, outsourcing, offshoring or developing from within?

This and many more questions will be tackled in this MeetUp!

Guest Speaker Panel:

Jo is a passionate talent and learning professional who has worked across a range of industries across Asia Pacific.

She encourages the use of 'different' perspectives, and enjoys working with a broad range of people seeing them develop through continuous challenge.

Jo is not afraid to position things differently, and is respected for her ability to push people to think through things in different ways.
Jo is known for her enthusiasm and commitment to continuing dialogue around the future of talent and its development in the workforce.

Genevieve is a specialist to help companies build virtual working cultures, global teams and talent that thrive in future of work communities.

She has spent 15 years supporting companies in various support, coaching and training roles. During that time, she has developed a passion for building high performing cultures, flexible working programs and the changing face of customer experiences in the digital era.

Over the last five years, she has specialised in offshoring solutions for Australian based organisations and creating programs of work that help integrate onshore and offshore teams, diversity and inclusion and cross cultural leadership.

Combining her knowledge of working in virtual teams, global teams and service based industries, Genevieve has helped businesses to integrate sustainable work cultures and environments that future of work talent thrive in.