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Todays best practise of Digital Transformation is our focus. And aligning people to newest technology, too. It`s about gaining knowlege and understanding of Digital Transformation from todays vendors and end users. We care about the people with and behind digital technology. We are convinced, not machines replace us, but humans. So lets adopt digitalisation to be part of the movement, not to fear the fourth industrial revolution, but to thrive with it. Let`s strengthen our EQ, as our IQ will be more and more replaced by machines.

We work on solutions rather than ideas. We work together rather than alone. Everybody has a voice in this group and can moderate or sponsor the next event. We are open to your ideas, so please ping us in case you want to actively participate.

We extract fundamental aspects of digitalisation and help to progressing digital competency, as well as to establishing local networks for the many areas of digitalisation. Focus areas of our group are organisational transformation due to digitalisation -focussing on the human aspect- as well as all areas of digital technology, such as: Cloud & Big Data, Virtuality, Industry 4.0, Digital Nomades, Blockchain, AR & VR, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Quantum Computing, Digital Currency and much more. This group is to enrich professional knowledge while asking experts the questions you never dared to ask in other groups.

Digital Transformation is the integration of Digital Technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how people operate and how they deliver value to their networks.

As a founder of the first an only systemic digitalisation agency in Germany, ENALISS, I personally support corporate organizations in digitalisation and align initiatives to the affected people. With a growing number of members, currently over 800, I am proud to see that DT in Munich is one of the hottest topics and that we all will positively impact this major change. Let us help where we are responsible, to optimize the impact of all affected parties, organizations and families.


Reinold M. Singel
Founding Member of DT Munich
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