How to talk really, really good (and how to get the chance to)

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Our tech community is full of bright and interesting people each with their unique experiences and points of view. Each and every person has something they can share that some of us would benefit from. You are one of these people. But how do you conquer that first step to submit a talk, and what’s in it for you?

Jess White and Moreton Brockley will be your guides through the challenging lands of talk submissions. From picking a topic to structuring the talk summary that will inspire and blow minds and submitting it. Finally, we’ll talk through why you should even think about speaking - it’s a scary thing to do, is it worth it?

By the end of this talk, you’ll not only be ready to inspire with your words but feel fully prepared to take on the world.

Jess White

Jessica is a software developer, international speaker & avid learner. Topics that she is interested in include community building, monitoring and continuous improvement of systems. She is a Director of DDD East Midlands, a technology conference which will take place in 2019 and the founder of Women In Tech, Nottingham.

Before switching to technology, she spent a previous life as a neuroscientist. She is easily bribed with coffee & loves hearing about other people’s experiences.

Moreton Brockley

Moreton is a Principal Engineer at The Ministry of Justice. Outside of his day job he is a Director and Co-organiser of DDD East Midlands, occasional speaker, volunteer, and event attendee. He has enjoyed his experiences meeting the challenging needs of the rapidly growing businesses he has worked with whilst keeping his teams engaged and motivated. Moreton has previously been a line manager/technical lead and has a keen interest in API and backend development. His weakness is dark chocolate or a tasty mocha and is happy to chat over either.

Please note: This event was originally scheduled to take place in Feb but was postponed due to illness

* Want to come but never been to a DL meetup before?
* Don't know anyone, and feel weird walking in by yourself?
* Where the heck is the Boole anyway?

Fear not, help is at hand! I will be hanging around outside the McDonalds on the roundabout from about 6pm, so if you don't want to turn up alone or you don't know where you're going, come and find me and we can all go together.
McDonalds is here:
and I look like this:
Feel free to hit me up on the DL slack as well, my username is jen_mac :)