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Join us! Make new friends & see what FUN you've been missing!
This group is NETWORK comprised of 2 GROUPS designed for anyone 45+ with the purpose of HAVING FUN!
We are a very welcoming group! Scheduled events are a mix of dining out, live music, cultural events, walks, stimulating conversation and MUCH MORE! We are always open to your suggestions!
* You must be 45+
*Attach a current photo (yours, please) to your profile
*Request Membership
* Be reachable through email to receive group notifications and messages -ESPECIALLY if you rsvp to any of our events

*PLEASE NOTE: Membership to this non-commercial group is a PRIVILAGE - not an entitlement. We offer new members a 14-DAY TRIAL PERIOD. This group's events are preferably, but not limited to North of Boston and The Merrimack Valley. This group works in tandem with the following other Meet Up groups : *****Dining Music & More 45+- Seacoast Area :https://www.meetup.com/seacoast-area-dining-music-more/
EVENTS between these 2 GROUPS may VARY. Some will be combined/multi-group.
So, you may want to JOIN BOTH!

*ONCE YOU ARE A MEMBER: Depending on your device the description and details may show up truncated. It is YOUR responsibility to scroll through, READ the entire description of a event and be prepared. Other than updates/cancelations all info has been added by the Organizer/Event Host. Any questions regarding ? Add yours to the comments on the event page. Or, you can message the event host directly.

*GROUP RULES: We don't want to discourage anyone from enjoying this group! So, let's keep it simple!
**We ALL need to keep things POSITIVE! Negativity is too distracting and will take away from the purpose of this group. As members we ALL need to Respect each other's: Space, Privacy, & Beliefs at ALL times. There will be ZERO tolerance for damaging conduct, abusiveness, bullying of any kind to anyone at anytime ( ex. Event Hosts/Organizers, Members, Waitstaff, Venue Hosts etc.) . This WILL result in immediate removal from the group. If the issue warrants, also the possibility of reporting incidents to meet up admin and local/state authorities if applicable. Again this is a non-commercial group. Direct marketing, selling to the group's members is very uncomfortable and prohibited. Many of us have careers, jobs that require sales, work in the service industry etc. Please remember that members join this group to have FUN! "Sharing" what you do in conversation is completely different from prospecting, using our members for your agenda. If you are removed from this group - the same goes for all other meet up groups affiliated with this one: IMMEDIATE REMOVAL

*GUEST POLICY: Our MEMBERS have top priority to rsvp to the group's events! Therefore, most of the group's events are: MEMBERS ONLY. There will be some that guests may be included included when you rsvp depending on room and the type of event. YOUR GUEST: has NOT been removed or banned from this group - or any of it's affiliates. As a member YOU are responsible and must be present with your guest at all times. We appreciate your cooperation. Sorry, but NO CHILDREN are allowed at our events at any time or for any reason

* YOUR RSVP: When you rsvp "YES" to an event, that means that you WILL be attending the event. If for any reason you will not be joining us, as a member it is YOUR responsibility to be mindful and update your status to, "NOT GOING." Not doing so is not only rude and inconsiderate to the Organizer/Event Host & Members, but most times will cause a fellow member who may have been on a wait list not to be able to participate in the event. Meet up and group Organizers send out and comment several reminders for each and every event. *PLEASE NOTE : ALL our events that require a RESERVATION where we need to provide a specific count ( example: dine out) to a venue, you have up to 6 hours prior to the date/time of the event to update your status to "NOT GOING". Any changes in your status after that will be considered a NO-SHOW. ALL no-shows are noted when we take attendance (Yes, we take attendance) "2" NO-SHOWS will definitely remove you from the group. If you are removed from this group - the same goes for any other meet up group affiliated with this one: IMMEDIATE REMOVAL.

*ADDENDUM: MEMBERS WHO NO-SHOW to an event that required a RESERVATION: The purpose of this group is to promote FUN with a focus promoting POSITIVITY & FAIRNESS to all! It's just way too distracting when people do not show up! It creates a negative tone for the members who were responsible regarding their RSVP - let alone disrespect to the Event Host. Then there's the fact that your NO-SHOW took away the opportunity for another member on the waitlist to participate in the event. Please see the previous statement regarding attendance and group removal

*ABOUT WAIT-LISTS: The Wait List, unless noted auto-populates. Once a member on the rsvp list attending changes their status to "not going" the next person on the wait list is auto-added at any time. If you rsvp to an event and end up on the wait list, it is YOUR responsibility to stay in the loop if an opening becomes available. If for any reason there are changes- you changed your mind etc, it only takes a moment to update it to" not going" Of course organizers understand if an opening becomes available too close to the actual time of the event, leaving you with no time to get there etc... and definitely take it into consideration.

**PHOTOS: We do need to identify you at an event. Therefore a visible PHOTO of YOU posted with your profile at all times is mandatory to remain a member of this group. The group is considered, "Private." Only it's members can view your photo along with any group photos/content.

  • LIABILITY RELEASE: AS A CONDITION OF JOINING THIS MEETUP GROUP, YOU AGREE TO hold harmless, and indemnify the organizer and his/her heirs, and all members and participants of this Meetup group from any and all claims for injury, illness, death, and/or property damage including those caused by negligence, ignorance, inexperience and other reasons. You also agree to assume all mental, physical, financial, and/or other risk associated with this meetup. Participation in these activities is voluntary and dependent upon your own personal judgment.
  • *Group setting update: 9/6/22 and subject to change

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Save The Date: ROAD TRIP Saturday Night at NER!

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