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Please join us and have fun socializing and networking, as we grow our social and professional networks together. ALL OF OUR EVENTS ARE FREE TO ATTEND & EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN THIS GROUP, WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR A MEMBERSHIP WITH DINNER FOR 2. The link to register is below. Dinner for 2 is an Online Dating & Custom Dating website. After registering, please add yourself on, to this meet-up to become a member, and RSVP to attend the events. Please try to attend as many events as possible. The events will be fun, they are free and they will give you an opportunity to meet, socialize and network with people, within and outside of this group. Additionally, all members are more than welcome, to participate monthly, in the dinner for 2 blog, for professional growth. To post your posts, please message me, so we can get them onto the blog. Please be certain to leave your contact information for our readers when you write your blog posts. Please note, this group is formulated to meet new people and socialize among our group members, for social and professional networking purposes. This group is not for pick-up, or seduction techniques or wing man tactics. I am so looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks so much for joining!
Link to register: http://www.dinner-for2.com

Upcoming events (2)

After Work Holiday Drink @ The Polynesian Tiki Lounge

Please join us for a holiday cocktail, at the Tiki Lounge @The Pod Hotel 42 1 free Cocktail, Tiki Classic, XXX, or Frozen Drink Included

Professional Speed Networking Event

36 W 44th St

Let's start off the new year right, with a Professional Speed Networking Event! This event will be structured to give everyone the opportunity, to sit down and talk to one another individually. Whether you want to grow your business, or seek a career change, you will meet some new connections. Come prepared with business cards, or flyers, and be prepared to talk about what service you can provide, what you want, or what you need, to move your professional goals to the next level. Please everyone, even if you are not in the job market or promoting a business, come out and support each other!! Thanks!!! :)

Past events (2)

Paint and Sip @ The Painting Lounge

15 W 116th St

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