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What we’re about

The S word:
“No one wants to talk about it. And the less you talk about it, the more you have it.”
- Brené Brown

As social animals, shame is the instinct that regulates all of our emotions, social interactions, and relationships. Brené Brown calls shame the "master emotion". But many people don’t even realize they have it! That’s because wired right into shame is a natural aversion to shame itself. The result is a society that’s willfully blind to the very force that holds it together.


One of the most powerful ways to overcome shame is just to talk about it! This meetup will take a warm and lighthearted approach to shame education with presentations, casual discussions, and interactive exercises designed to help us all understand and deal with shame in a healthier way. While getting comfortable with discomfort is an important part of the process, our meetups are designed to be casual and fun :)

Since everyone experiences shame, this group is open to everyone!

For more info about shame, check out my podcast:

*NOTE: This meetup is for educational purposes and is not therapy.