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Dear beautiful Goddess, welcome to Venus!

Every woman has an immense potential, a wonderful and radiant unique femininity; exceptional qualities and talents waiting to be discovered and manifested. We help and support every woman who desires to discover the unique and amazing reality of who she truly is – a harmonious and blissful woman!

Our teachings are authentic and already thousands of women across the world have achieved amazing results and lived ecstatic states from practicing them. In this group we will explore many secrets of the Tantric path that are revealed here for the first time and which are successfully put into practice in other countries around Europe.

Many women in this modern life feel somehow confused about what it means to be a woman and express femininity in a harmonious way. Dealing with the requirements of this modern life, which is characterized and dominated by masculine values, women manifest their strength in a masculine way that forces them to ignore and repress their inner feminine nature. This can create many problems for women.

Being in touch with your specific femininity is important because it is the natural path of happiness and evolution, it is what we are in this life and it is a secret key to fulfillment. It is actually the real source of our authentic power and wholeness.

With the right guidance and knowledge, every woman can become the woman she wishes or aspires to be; radiant, charming, beautiful inside and out, loved and loving, confident, sensual, orgasmic, in touch and in love with her body and Self. A woman who is aware of and manifests her specific femininity is a very powerful woman; she is able to find harmony in her life and inside herself, always speaks her truth, and is an inspiration and a source of happiness for everyone around her. She discovers in time the true Goddess within – a woman aware of and manifesting all the sublime feminine qualities and aspects.

We are a team of women promoting true femininity and spirituality, and helping and supporting women to discover and elevate themselves to reveal the Goddess within. We have tens of years of experience and teaching in the fields of tantra, tantric and taoist erotic arts, yoga, meditation, spiritual groups and retreats for women and other spiritual practices.

We wish for the reemergence of true femininity on this planet and for women to realise again who she truly is! A LIVING GODDESS!

What you will develop in this group:

- Explore the sensual and erotic woman within who is LONGING to be expressed and adored!

- Explore your FEMININITY and experientially discover what it means to be a spiritual woman

- Learn the ULTIMATE secrets of femininity including erotic dance, love making secrets, sensual massage, developing self confidence and the power of fascination


- Learn ancient tantric secrets to experience hundreds of ORGASMS and states of EROTIC TRANCE and BLISS during love making

- The ability to create joyful and fulfilling LOVE RELATIONSHIPS with the opposite sex

- Learn to accomplish more in all your duties in life in a relaxed and pleasurable way through tantric and taoist methods and teachings

- Develop the most important love relationship you will ever have; the one with your self

- Learn methods of RELAXATION and STRESS RELIEF

- All the qualities of a harmonious and blissful woman

For further information, please visit our website at http://www.venuswomen.com or

visit us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VenuswomanUk (https://www.facebook.com/VenuswomanUk/)

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