Canceled Meetup

Discuss concerns about staying out of court, protecting children & bonds



It's not easy contemplating or going through a divorce. Please join us for an informative meet-up about how to make it through divorce wisely--in the most amicable, cost-effective, and respectful way possible.

We will discuss the pros and cons of litigation versus collaborative practice versus mediation and help you decide which approach is best for you and your circumstances. We will discuss the process and how it works, tips on how to be most effective when discussing the issues, and ways to reduce your stress during the process.

Finally, if you have children, we will discuss the risks of divorce to children, which factors increase and decrease these risks, and what you can do to protect your children from the negative impact of divorce. In particular, we will discuss ways to keep the children out of the middle, communicate effectively versus harmfully with your ex-spouse, and ways to preserve important bonds if at all possible so that the two of you can have a positive and supportive co-parenting relationship after the divorce.

And, of course, since it's your meet-up, if you have something else on your mind, we can talk about that, too, and I'll help in whatever way I can.

Please RSVP either way. And please come. It will really help. Promise.

Kind regards,