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We all understand Blockchain is the new tech in the arena & its here to stay for a very long time. Having said that , I am one of those young Indian’s who have started this ecosystem in India long back , and doing so one of the things we have been doing actively is to educate and nurture the new generation and the society with the Blockchain Technology. Even doing this for a long time where we have trained thousands of hours globally by workshops , online trainings etc we have observed that by just training we are not helping the ecosystem as audience needs to be enabled with the skill set. Hence to cater this need we realized we need to enable the “ Makers culture in Blockchain” , hence we have formed “DIYblochain” which stands for Do It Yourself Blockchain and enabling the makers culture in blockchain. In this initiative we are not just going to train people but will them opportunity to get there hands dirty with the technology too by providing them live projects and products to work on post the trainings and other mode of learning.

Blockchain Technology is the most advanced tech on the planet right now . Our entire ecosystem is thriving towards it. One of the biggest challenges in this ecosystem is the right skillset . If we need to adapt this technology , we need skilled people. The Demand For Blockchain Engineers Is Skyrocketing, But we do not enough resources as per Forbes. Hence we need to create the resource by educating people not just by training on different programs but also enabling them . The biggest problem in the entire ecosystem is that Blockchain is not just some tech its an ecosystem which we are calling Internet 3.0 and we need to build the ecosystem by all possible ways.

DIYblockchain is not just going to train people but will enable the makers culture in the blockchain . DIYblockchain is going to nurture the audience in blockchain globally by training them , giving them a platform to get there hands dirty, allowing them to showcase their skills by incubating and also building yearlong programs to build the ecosystem. DIYblockchain will also run a dedicated space for incubating young talent where they will be rigorously trained and will be provided with all the necessary resources to touch the sky and sky is the limit.

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