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Asynchronous Python Web Apps with WebSockets - Matt Makai

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Please join us for an especially exciting Django-district!

First, we're thrilled to have Matt Makai (, Developer Evangelist at Twilio (, speaking to us about asynchronous Python web apps. Matt delivered a previous version of this talk to San Francisco's Python meetup to rave reviews in January.

Second, we'll help DC digital agency iStrategyLabs ( break in their brand new offices in Shaw at the Wonder Bread Factory! Here's a taste of what to expect (

iStrategyLabs will also provide food and drink, so you can come hungry!


• 6:30-7:00pm - Arrive, eat, and catch up

• 7:00-7:15pm - Announcements

• 7:15-8:15pm - Talk, Q&A

• 8:15-8:30pm - Wrap-up

• 8:30pm - Migrate to a social venue nearby

About the talk:

Why should Node.js folks have all the asynchronous web application fun? In this talk you'll learn how to use WebSockets with Python, Flask and gevent to build full-duplex communications into your web apps. We'll live code from a blank file to a completed app that updates vote counters in a web browser via WebSockets without page refreshes. Along the way you'll learn good practices to follow when working with virtualenv and Python application dependencies.

About Matt:

Matt Makai ( (@mattmakai ( is a Twilio Developer Evangelist ( and Python web developer based in Washington, D.C. He was a speaker in 2014 at EuroPython ( and DjangoCon US ( and will be speaking in Montreal at PyCon 2015 with the talks "Choose Your Own WSGI Deployment Adventure (" and "virtualenv for New Pythonistas (". Matt has contributed to the Ansible project and programmed the Underwear ( and Plushcap ( libraries hosted on PyPI. He also writes the Full Stack Python ( website read by over 15,000 developers a month to help them understand how to build and deploy their WSGI-powered web applications.

641 S St NW, Floor 1 · Washington, DC
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