Python 2 End of Life Mini-Conf

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Django District, etc.™
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2300 Wilson Blvd

2300 Wilson Blvd · Arlington, VA

How to find us

We'll be meeting in the Arlington Tech eXchange on the 6th floor. (#610). Please get tickets via the EventBrite page:

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Please get tickets via the EventBrite page:


January 1 doesn't just mark a new year, it marks the end of service for Python 2. It's the version most of us started on, it's what helped bring Python mainstream, and now it's time to celebrate its service. Join us for a day to hear from some great Python developers and talk about your own experiences.

Tickets are $15 and include continental breakfast and snacks throughout the day.

**Please note that for this event we will be adhering to the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct**

9:00 - Doors Open, Breakfast & Brainstorming
9:30 - Welcome

9:45 - First Session: “Oh crap! I haven’t switched from Python 2 to 3 yet!” 9:45 - also, Open spaces get started

9:35 - Break

10:45 - Second Session: The Watchword is, “Constant Vigilance”

11:35 - Break

11:45 - Third Session: Because we don’t all love JavaScript, there’s Web Python

12:35 - Lunch

2:00 - Fourth Session: The Robots Are Coming! But First, The Actual Data Engineering

2:50 - Break

3:00 - Fifth Session: Python for the People: Open Source Development

3:50 - Break

4:00 - Lightning Talks
4:45 - Closing Remarks

Panel Sessions

Rather than talks, we’re opening the floor to panel-led sessions using some of the major topics in Python as starting points. Beyond just switching from 2 to 3, you’ll have a chance to discuss with your peers what’s going on in various areas and where the language heading. Come with your own questions and be prepared to hear more about the various ways Python is being used throughout the region.


“Oh crap! I haven’t switched from Python 2 to 3 yet!”
Just how concerned do you need to be? Whether you’re taking the time to formally port everything or just taking a wait and see approach, how do you make sure everything keeps working?

The Watchword is, “Constant Vigilance”
We all know security is important, but what practical ways are there to keep things safe? Given how prevalent Python is, it’s more vital than ever to be able to write code that can handle the security threats that come its way.

Because we don’t all love JavaScript, there’s Web Python
“Make Python better on the web” has been a rallying cry for a while, so what’s actually being done? There are many great options for Python on the web and there’s a ton of exciting developments coming up.

The Robots Are Coming! But First, The Actual Data Science
For every headline about AI being the future, there’s a poor data engineer somewhere just trying to keep everything running smoothly. So what’s actually going on in the world of data science & Python?

Python for the People: Open Source Development
First, let’s acknowledge all the hard work maintainers put in to getting everything ready for Python 3. Now that that’s done, let’s talk about what’s happening in the world of FOSS and how can we all work towards a better ecosystem.

Open Space Sessions

Want to talk about something specific or spend some time sprinting on a favorite open source project? We’ll have some tables set up for open space sessions throughout the day. Signup for the spaces will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will be available starting at 9:00 am on the day of the mini-conf.

Lightning Talks

We’ll close out the day with a series of lightning talks. Time limit is 5 minutes, but other than that they can take whatever form you’d like. If you’re interested in giving a lightning talk, please complete this form. Deadline to submit a talk is 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 26.


Tentative Speaker Lineup (More details to be posted shortly): Mike Brown, Rami Chowdhury, Brent Costa, Josh Finnie, Alex Gaynor, Vic Kumar, Mike McCarty, Brianna McGowan, Sara Morales, Banjo Obayomi, Monica Puerto, Robert Townley

Reminder: please **get tickets via the Eventbrite page** --