April Django Meetup

The Django London Meetup Group
The Django London Meetup Group
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Skills Matter at CodeNode

10 South Place · London

How to find us

Get your name sticker and directions from the front desk of CodeNode :)

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Arrive at Code Node from 6:30pm for talks starting at 7pm, followed by socializing in the Code Node Space Bar and then The Red Lion.

Please note: in order to attend, you also need to register on the Skills Matter site for this meetup. Please do so here:


(It only takes a second!)

This meetup is sponsored by:

Festicket (https://festicket.workable.com/): "Festival package travel startup. 50+ staff, high pay, ping pong + beer."

Time Out (http://timeout.com): "The trusted global platform that inspires and enables people to experience the best of the city."


6:30pm - Arrivals

Code Node is open, feel free to arrive early, grab some free tea/coffee/water, and socialize whilst we set up

7pm - Talks

Introduction to JWT authentication
Harry Papaloizou

The basic principles of JWT authentication and the differences compared to sessions.

Harry is a developer at pawsquad.com (http://pawsquad.com/), and volunteers at omnifolio.org (http://omnifolio.org/).

(or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Data Redundancy)
Marco Alabruzzo

A practical guide on when to denormalize a database, and the golden rules to do it right.

Marco is a web guy that values process over technology and user experience over everything. He has made e-commerce websites, marketing tools and financial tools.

Currently he's helping Festicket create hassle-free festival packages.


DRY Your Serializers
Ian Clark

Ian will be talking about his package django-rest-framework-serializer-extensions (https://github.com/evenicoulddoit/django-rest-framework-serializer-extensions) - a collection of useful tools to DRY up your Django Rest Framework serializers.

Ian is lead software engineer at Housekeep, a home cleaning startup.

8pm - The Space Bar

We'll enjoy some drinks on the sponsored tab whilst we socialize and discuss all things Django.

9pm - The Red Lion

We'll migrate across the road to a room booked in the Red Lion pub, where there is a bar menu available should anyone like to eat.