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What we’re about

DMC ( began delivering high-value Data Conferences in 2015, focused on delivering content with real educational value. We strongly believe that no other Canadian Conference brings the caliber and expertise of the speakers nor the quality of content that DMC does.

For us, our Purpose is clear - to support Albertans and Canadians learn, build their professional network, build professional accreditation, and create opportunity for meaningful work. To drive innovation and diversification in Alberta and Canada in today's emerging Data technologies.

Alberta is in the midst of the worst recession in decades; traditional industries underpinning the economy face threats both from outside and inside interests.

Since 2014, being out of work in Alberta is a remarkably challenging place to be. In 2017, DMC established an industry-leading data conference in Calgary whose purpose is to provide a constructive platform to bring the Alberta Tech community together, get students and the unemployed mixing with those with resource needs and maximize educational value by bringing content and speakers of a caliber not seen previously in any conference in Canada. Look at our Previous Events section for more information.

DMC is committed to driving growth in Alberta's - and Canada's - Data, Analytics, AI/ML and Information Technology sector by developing, through the delivering the best content, practical and applicable knowledge in our Information Workers, and strength in their network to foster the creation of opportunity and grow knowledge-driven innovation.

In 2017, DMC’s Wade Walker and Kewal Dhariwal founded the William (Bill) Inmon Scholarship for Excellence in Business & Data Analytics for the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, in support of students in the BANA (Business Analytics) Program at the University of Calgary.

DMC contributes $2500 annually to this Scholarship in support of our next generation of leaders in Data. Consider joining us in supporting this cause by donating at

DMC Invests in the Alberta of tomorrow to contribute to Canada's growing reputation as an international leader in Data and Data Science technology.

​We are all about you, because we are one of you.