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What we’re about

Welcome all concerned citizens who want to take charge of their taxes! We are an online and in-person group hosting live speaking events on a range of tax and business growth topics. You can join us in person if possible or on one of our live streams. Look out for our virtual happy hours and other networking events

PURPOSE: Our group is for those who are tired of paying high taxes and look for legal, legitimate, actionable and realistic strategies to reduce their tax obligations. It will also be a great forum for all small business owners and partners or shareholders in LLCs, partnerships, S and C Corporations who want to learn how to stay compliant with myriad of regulations and utilize the best practices for accounting and taxation. By extension, this group will be perfect to network with like-minded professionals and form other business and social ventures.

1. Anyone concerned with paying high taxes now or in the future
2. Small business owners
3. Partners or shareholders in LLCs, partnerships, S and C Corporations
4. Startup and serial entrepreneurs
5. Real estate investors (landlords, rehabbers, flippers, fractional real estate owners)
6. Anyone planning to start their own business

Some of our events will be online while others will be in-person. We will set a topic for each event in advance and there will be one or two speakers, a discussion, Q&A, critique (playing devil's advocate) session and networking part. The format will keep evolving as we discover more effective approaches.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events