5th Edition D&D Campaign at Pawns and Pints !

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PLEASE NOTE THE NEW LOCATION ! Pawns & Pints has now moved to 613 Walnut Street ! Pawn & Pint is a bar, so legally requires customers to show ID to prove they're over 21 or are accompanied by a Parent/Guardian.

Jon Steel is taking a break from DM'ing currently ! We're now adventuring in DM Aarons' 5e interpretation of the classic "Tegel Manor". All players are welcome - HOWEVER, new players will start at Level 1. Please also note that Tegel Manor is a "dark subject" adventure - and may not be suitable for children.

Join us in our weekly 5th Edition D&D Campaign !

What is a "game store" campaign you may ask ? This is a less serious option than a "long term" campaign - players are expected to come and go between weeks as needed - hence there is a large number of "pre-generated" characters available. If you are regularly playing (and have shown at least a commitment to show regularly) - then you may create your own character using our house-rules.

We run every week (unless specifically stated) and start from 11am and play until around 4.30pm. We usually break for 30 minute for lunch.

There are multiple tables available - currently we have approximately 4 tables in play, and all have open-play availability.

If you are new to the hobby - this is an ideal game for you. We are very welcoming and have different players of all types of experience. We rarely, if ever, turn players away - HOWEVER, you DO need to be at the location at least 30 minutes prior to start - as we need to find you a character and help you understand the house rules ! I'm usually at our location around 10am or so, and this is usually the ONLY reason players might not be able to play !!

We encourage support of our hosting game-store by offering one free re-roll if you spend at least $5 on the day at the game store. Snacks/drinks are included in that. If you've never played 5th Edition - but are used to 1st/2nd/3rd Edition - its exactly like 1st edition ! Very simple character sheets - the rules are incredibly easy to pick up ! Its really, really easy for new players to also pick up in one session - this is definitely the game for everyone !

I do reserve the right to "cap" the table size if we get too large. We have had table-sizes of up to 10-12 players, but any larger and we become too rowdy !

$5 pay-to-play fee is waived for Pawns & Pints members as usual