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What we’re about

Meet other local Dungeons & Dragons players for adventures and fun!

My goal is to use the meetup to help gamers find fellow gamers. There are two methods to get-together here on our meetup:

* To advertise for new players, or try to find a game to join, use the Discussion Board.

* Have an idea for a meeting? Willing to run a short one-day introduction to your gaming system? Set up a meetup invitation.

Our gatherings will be for meeting other players, to see if you share the same game style. 1st, 2nd, whatever edition will be welcome. We all know half the fun of talking to other gamers is sharing the great stories of past adventures and characters. Usually accompanied by groans, laughter and "That reminds me of..." or "We had a...".

I'd also like to have a couple of get togethers during the year to play boardgames and socialize. Sure, we'd inevitably talk about RPG's, but it would be nice to meet in a different type of gaming situation. My hope is this becomes a great place to find fellow gamers. Ventura County needs a place for us creative types to meet.

We also have another great resource to find fellow gamers; a Facebook page! Give it a try-

Always feel free to contact me with questions and any ideas for meetups. Welcome!