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What we’re about

Express yourself as a part of a weekly music therapy group. Join Board Certified Music Therapist Chris Lambert in a group therapy experience that focuses on self-expression and creative outlets. Group session activities revolve weekly and cover numerous topics to help you heal, or explore yourself with music therapy! Whether you sign up for 1 session or multi sessions, each week will feature a unique music therapy experience designed to help you:

- Gain insight into your life.

- Learn skills to help you cope with anxiety and stress.

- Develop relationships with other group members.

- Find new outlets for self-expression.

- Relax in a safe environment.

Examples of group activities include:

Music listening: Each group member will have an opportunity to share a song that has meaning to them in their life. This leads to a discussion about the group members’ experiences listening to the music as a group.

Creative exploration: The group collaborates to create a song together. With the help of the facilitator, group members turn their experience into lyrics, rhythm, and melody.

Presentation: Each group member presents a piece of music that is meaningful to them. It can be an original piece composed by the group member or any song that they would like to share.

Guided Relaxation: The group will be led on a guided meditation using music provided by the group leader.